Questions About David Barstow

Does Pulitzer Prize awarded NY Times for reporting Wen Jiabao's wealth lead CCP to investigate Wen?

Extracted from AP, NEW YORK, The Denver Post won a Pulitzer Prize on Monday for its coverage of the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado, while the New York Times captured four awards for reporting on a harrowing avalanche, the rise of a new aristocracy in China and the business practices of Apple and Wal-Mart. The Pulitzers, US journalism’s highest honor, are given out each year by Columbia University on the recommendation of a board of journalists and others. Each award carries a US$10,000 prize, except for the public service award, which is a gold medal. The New York Times’ David Barstow and Alejandra Xanic von Bertrab won the investigative reporting award for stories that detailed how Wal-Mart Stores systematically bribed Mexican officials with millions of dollars to obtain permission to build several stores across the country. The Times’ reporting spurred federal investigations. The Times’ David Barboza received the international reporting award for his look at a how a “