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Deadpool comics help?

I'm getting into Deadpool again and was wondering if anyone had any ideas of where I might be able to find some of the earlier Deadpool comics (like the 93 mini series, or the first run in 94)? I'm not sure if any of the comic shops around where I live would carry them and I'm not sure if Deadpool comics are getting to be very pricey for earlier issues, as I'm trying to get all of Deadpools English issues. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate anything! and if you guys know where I might be able to read it free online while I'm building it up it would be a great help! (I've tried marvel's site already and am a bit annoyed that they only give you a teaser)

Where can I read comics online?

I'm looking for both Marvel and DC comics (mostly looking for Batman, Nightwing, Deadpool, X-Men, and Wolverine based comics), and I would prefer sites that are FREE. I've ran searches on here and ran google searches, but haven't found anything myself. Note: I have seen similar questions on here with the only answers listing sites that only run manga on it. Please do tell me things like mangafox as that site and others do not run American comics. To Erik R. I have been. Though I would like free as there are too many comics I want to read and I am by no means rich. Plus, my area has nothing for comics so most of that I buy I need to drive 3 hours to get or order online. When wanting to try a new series, it sucks to buy comics and pay shipping to find out it's something you don't actually like.