Questions About Desert Schools

I am trying to track down the title of a book that was read to my 2nd grade class by the school librarian.

I am trying to track down the title of a book that was read to my 2nd grade class by the school librarian, so it is at least 23 years old or so. It is about a boy who falls asleep in his parents truck. The truck is stolen, with him in it, and is driven through the desert where the boy escapes from the truck only to be stranded in the middle of the desert with no food or water. He nearly dies of thirst, and survives just barely by collecting dew off of a plastic sheet that he finds. I have tried every kind of Google search I can think of both. Does any body know of and remember this book?

Your 4-5 Desert Island Skate Videos?

What are the 4 - 5 most relevant skateboarding videos ever made, and why? I've never owned a skate video, but I'd like to buy a few that represent a good breadth of the most excellent or influential ones. For most of my life I've lived with, or at least been friends with, guys with great collections of skate videos. But now I don't know where to start if I just want to own a handful of great ones that also represent a broad view of the whole pantheon. I love the dangerous/crazy/artful/surprising/inventive tricks, of course. But I also like the bizarre senses of humor, the excellent soundtracks, and the beautifully shot and assembled sequences. There's no single thing I'm necessarily looking for. I've seen compelling footage of everything from skaters being attacked by crazy suburban motorists, to some guys quietly skating a ramp they built in an isolated desert junkyard while the sun went down. Dissimilar is good. First appearance of a trick or style is good. I

What is this old school movie?

This is a movie from the late 80's or 90's and a husband and wife are abducted to Saturn or some planet in their car because the emperor or the country fell in love with the wife when he was spying on earth. The husband gets banned to the desert and has to live with the rebels who are all very good looking and dress up like birds in costumes. Haven't seen this movie in forever and would REALLY love to know what it is.

Once found a cell phone in the middle of the desert between AZ and CA. What are some weird stories (not supernatural) Redditors have?

When I was a freshman in High School me and my family were on a road trip to California. I was hungry so we had stopped at a gas station to get some munchies. I ate some chips that must have been outdated or my stomach just didnt agree. I was about to puke so my dad made an emergency stop in the…

Essential Old-School Hip-Hop

Good Old School Hip-Hop I'm looking for particularly good Hip-Hop from the early years (80s). I've been listening to Kurtis Blow and Afrika Bambaataa as well as the occasional Sppony G and Treacherous Three song. I like the speed rapping, as well as a sucker for a good sample, but there aren't great guides as to what ELSE to listen to. Thoughts? Essentials? Desert Island discs?

Best recipe for a cooking competition in school?

We are about to have a cooking competition this coming monday (sept. 10). It will be held in our school. Please help me find recipes that best suites for these critirias: I. Main Dish with Accompaniment (30 pts) a. Palatability 10 b. Color Combination 5 c. Consistency and Tenderness 5 d. General Appearance 10 II. Appetizer, Dessert and Beverage (10 pts) a. Taste 5 b. Appearance and Presentation 5 III. Rice(10 pts) a. Texture 5 b. Flavor 5 This will great affect our grade in culinary arts. So, I'm asking for your consideration. I really need your help. Your opinion means lot to me. I wanna thank you in advance. IV. Desert a. Taste b. Appearance and Presentation V. Beverage a. Taste b. Appearance and Presentation I apprec