Questions About Desksense Professional

What's More You Need In Desksense?

The best rated and Microsoft Certified Desksense creating huge appeal in Internet World with maximum security measures for Individual and small Organisations .. Here goes the features : File / Folder Lock ( password protected ) File Encrypt / Decrypt ( any file type ) File Password File Recovery ( any file type ) Allow Program Run Stop Mal wares Authorise Access PC Health Check Block Websites Virus Block Registry External devices lock ( pen drive lock, floppy drive lock, cd drive lock, smart card lock ) Desksense Splitter Desksense Merger Desksense Shredder So now the question is what's more you need in Desksense ??... Every thing is here !! All above features you can get over here : Choose any of it that suites your best .. All these features you can get in Desksense Professional .. and that is just $97 .. isn't that pretty ???