Questions About Detroit Art Institute

Where to stay and what to do in Detroit?

Hey everyone, Was planning on spending a weekend in Detroit and was wondering where I should stay that's economical and safe, and what sites should I see? I did a search and read some of the answers provided to similar questions. That gave me a pretty good start, and I have this list so far: 1. Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield village (Dearborn) 2. Detroit Institute of Art 3. Michigan Central Station 4. Riverwalk 5. Ford River Rouge plant 6. Eastern Market 7. Renaissance Centre 8. Guardian Building 9. Belle Isle park 10. Motor City Brewing 11. Motown Museum 12. Architectural walking tour 13. Slows I guess I'm looking for more suggestions so to where would be best to stay overnight, and any other restaurants that I should try. Thanks in advance!

What is your favorite art museum to visit in the United States?

Out of the many art museums in the United States, which is your favorite to visit? This can be any museum located in the United States. This can be any museum big or small in any American City. =============================================== My favorite art museum I have visited in the United States is the Detroit Institute of Art in Detroit, Michigan. Their website is

Out of all the museums in Detroit, which one would you recommend visitors to see?

There are many museums in the City of Detroit which include an African American Museum, an art museum, history museum and a science center. If you could only recommend just one museum in the city limits of Detroit to an out of town visitor who is visiting Detroit, which museum would you recommend them to visit and why? This place has to be in the city limits of Detroit so saying a place like The Henry Ford in Dearborn or the Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hill does not count. Out of all the attractions in Detroit, I would recommend the Detroit Institute of Art because for a reasonalable price, you can see many pieces of world class art.

Pittsburgh Questions?

I'm going to be attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh this March, and there's a few things I'd like to know before moving to the city. First: What's the city's major form of transportation? I don't have a car yet, so what can I use to get around? Are buses my best bet, and if so are they clean? Because the ones in Detroit ((where I'm moving from)) can be pretty nasty. I'm not too picky, I just don't want to sit on a seat with questionable stains and gunk lol. Second: Is it expensive? I'm going to be living in a dorm so renting isn't a concern, but how are restaurant, grocery, clothing, ect prices? Third: Jobs. Are jobs in the city hard to find? I'm sure it's better than Michigan, but do places in the city normally hire college students? Fourth: Is it safe? I'm going to be doing a lot of walking and taking public transportation for a while so I guess my question is will I have to carry a taser and mace, or is the city basically not shady? These are the four things I'm concerned abo

Where should I stop on my road trip?

I'm planning a week-long summer road trip starting in Chicago and working my way around lake Erie with major stops including Cleveland, Niagara Falls, Toronto and perhaps Detroit on the way back. What significant destinations/attractions should I consider? Specific interests inside. There are two things I'm most interested in. First would be contemporary art such as galleries and museums or institutions catering to visual arts. Second would be natural attractions (rivers, lakes, mountains) with specific emphasis on interacting with the environment by jumping in a canoe, going on a hike, not just parking the car and staring at something. For the sake of this trip I'm not particularly interested in dining, live music/shows, or history.