Questions About Dgxs

Casio Privia Vs. Yamaha DGX Digital Piano?

I'm looking for a nice Digital Piano for my Apt. Natuarally I would like it to sound and feel as close to a real piano as possible. I want it to have weighted Keys (which the DGX series says are "semi-weighted" until you get up to the 620 model. I'm wondering if any of you had an opinion on either series of these keyboards. I'm looking at the 520 or 620 model of the DGX or the 300, 310, 400 or 400 model of the Privia depending on the deals I can find. If anyone who knows about this stuff could rank those or eleborate on any it;d be greatly appreciated. Please don't just say Yamaha because you hear they are better. If you have an opinion please state a reason why you like a certian brand.. Thanks in advance

How can I make my connection from piano keyboard to comp work?

I have a Acid Music Studio program, yamaha dgx-500 keyboard, and a usb midi cable. (not the Yamaha UX16 USB MIDI Interface) I tried recording into the Acid software but it does not play back so I don't think it's working correctly. I've been trying a long time; maybe this cable isn't the right one??? I don't know. Any advice will be great. So what I want to do is be able to record my piano playing into the software and be able to make a cd. Thanks.

How do i record from the instrument jack on my interface?

I just bought a new M-Audio fast Track ultra. Im recording with A yamaha DGX-640 and pro Tools SE. When i Try to record using The instrument 1 and instrument 2 piano tracks, no sound comes out. It only comes out when i select the audio 1-2 etc. Options. How do i make Sound When i plug my keyboard or other instruments into the instrument jack using the instrument Setting on Pro tool SE?

What is a good reasonably priced piano keyboard?

I want to get a new keyboard with 88 weighted keys and sound as close as possible to an actual grand piano and under $1000. I currently have the Yamaha DGX-500 keyboard which I've had a long time and I hate more and more. I don't care about all the extra features. I just want something that is as close to a real piano but within my price range. I was looking at Roland ones but they are too much.

Help Choosing a Musical Keyboard:?

I'm looking for something to replace my Yamaha PSR-420 which I've had for years. I've narrowed it down to five but not sure which one to choose: 1) Yamaha DGX-640 - Probably the one i prefer. 2) Yamaha NP-V80 - I heard the sound isn't good. 3) Casio WK-7500 - haven't had a Casio before. 4) Casio CDP-200RC5 - Never heard of it. 5) Korg SP250 - I've heard Korg is good. I'm looking with a keyboard with 76-81 keys that are graded hammer keys. I am taking piano lessons but am also in

How much does a nice grand piano cost?

Like people say im pretty talented and I've been playing my Yamaha DGX-640 digital piano (you can google it to see what it's like). It is a great piano, but how much would a nice grand piano be worth? By the way, I'm 19, in college right now, and have under 1,000 dollars and still live with my parents so I know i can't get one any time real soon.. Thanks. (: oh my... please tell me ur joking.. lol

Which piano keyboard should I buy?

So, I want to buy myself a MIDI keyboard, to supplement the piano I already have (a Baldwin upright). Since I already have the main piano for practicing, I really need this one for only two things: 1. Playing with headphones in so that I can practice piano without disturbing anyone else. 2. Using it with Finale to produce sheet music and make music. (I've taken up transcription as a hobby, but, well, I can do the playing-by-ear part easily enough, but not so much the actual writing of sheet music.) But I can't even tell a MIDI keyboard and an electric piano apart. (Is there even a difference?) I have my eyes on three pianos right now: an M-Audio 88-key controller keyboard, a Korg Triton LE synthesizer keyboard, and a Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-220. (They're easy enough to look up on Google if you're not familiar with the models.) I need to be sure that I can use these with Finale on my computer as well as headphones. Also, out of those three keyboards, I'd also want to choose the bes