Questions About Don Quixot

What is the most important theme in Don Quixote?

I'm doing a summer assignment and I'm confused. Here is one of the things that the assignment asks: Write a statement expressing what you believe to be the most important theme in Don Quixote. This statement should include: the insights you discovered as well as the method the author uses to develop these insights. Find and explain how five passages from the book support, connect and reinforce your theme. So I'm sort of frustrated because I don't know what the theme is. I thought the whole book was on the basis of idealism and love. But what is the most important theme in this book? PLEASE HELP

Don Quixote: Where Can I Find An Online Summary/Interpretation/Analysis of the book?

Is there anywhere I can find a beautifully written, easy to understand, simplified summary/interpretation/analysis of the book Don Quixote by Cervantes? It would be great if it was about 6-10 pages but any help will do. Basically I need to write a 6 page paper (In Spanish) about any author from Spain so my plan is to find a summary of Don Quixote written in English and attempt to translate it into Spanish in 6 pages.

Please click here if you have read don quixote the book. 10 points to best answer.?

Why doe sancho panza remain loyal to such a bumbler as don quixote? Does don quixote need sancho panza? Does the author need sancho Panza to develop Quixote's character? Is Quixote a tragic figure or a comic figure? Explain the terms chivalry and knight errantry (Quixote practiced chivalry as a knight errant.) Is Don quixote insane or merely eccentric? Write a short physiological profile of Don quixote. Ok this is what i got so far please correct me if im wrong. 1. Sancho panza remains loyal to such a bumbler as don quixote because he believes don quixote is right and wants to go an adventure. 2. Don quixote doesnt need sancho panza but sancho panza doesn't need don quixote either. they are just drawn together and make great companions. 3. The author doesnt need Sancho panza to develop Quixote's character because every time don quixote saw something sancho corrected him and he denyd. 4.Don quixote is both a tragic and comic figure. 5. ChChivalrys courtesy towards women and knight err

How come the story of Joseph Smith reminds me of Don Quixote?

Read a summary about Don Quixote here: The summary is a faster way to listen to it, but you must have text-to-speech software, for it's only text. You can get audio reading here: You can listen to it on your favorite car trips. However, be careful not to crash while cracking up at the realistic picture the story paints about society. Something holy is formed in you while reading or listening to this Great Book, as what happens when listening to most fables. May this book fill you with holy joy, amusement and truth. If you have some leisure time to confuse yourself with, you can read about the failures of Joseph Smith here: Running vampire, you fail to realize that I did read some of the book of Mormon and found out that it was clearly way too wordy in every verse, which suggests that the author was trying to make it sound s

Which Classic Book Should I Read?

I'm required to read one of these over the summer for my AP literature class. I don't want to read anything really depressing or particularly uninteresting (for example, a Jane Austen book does nothing but talk about the gentry of English society). It has to be on this list: LES MISERABLES Hugo WALDEN POND Thoreau PERSUASION Austen PRIDE & PREJUDICE EMMA SENSE & SENSIBILITY BELOVED Morrison SULA SONG OF SOLOMON RETURN of the NATIVE Hardy FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD MAYOR OF CASTERBRIDGE FRANKENSTEIN Shelly THE STRANGER Camus THE FALL WUTHERING HEIGHTS Brontes JANE EYRE OLIVER TWIST Dickens DAVID COPPERFIELD HARD TIMES INVISIBLE MAN Ellison PORTRAIT of the ARTIST Joyce MOBY DICK Melville SCARLET LETTER Hawthorne AMERICAN TRAGEDY Dreiser BROS. KARAMAZOV Dostoyevsky MADAME BOVARY Flaubert THE AWAKENING Chopin CRY the BELOVED COUNTRY Paton WOMAN

what book should i read for class? I need helpp!?

so i am an incoming sophomore in high school and i am in an english honors class. and our summer assignment is to read a book out of a list they have given us & answer questions. but the problem is i dont know which one to pick because i havent heard of most of them, so i dont know what the good ones are. can you help me & suggest which ones i should read? im 15, into like romance, and easy stuff to read. i like adventure books too & stuff. classics are good too. i just need a book that is EASY to read because i have lots of volleyball practice this summer and wont have much time. thank you so much for your help! the book names are below. Pride and Prejudice by jane austen wuthering heights by emily bronte don quixote by miguel de cervantes the alchemist by paulo cohelo robinson crusoe by daniel defoe david copperfield by charles dickens rebecca by daphne dumaurier the count of monte cristo by alexandre dumas far from the madding crowd by thomas hardy catch-22 by joseph heller a f