Questions About Douglas Mortimer John

Seeking funny novels

A literary agent friend of mine says that publishers dislike publishing funny novels because "humor is subjective". Certainly I have stumped bookstore clerks by asking them to recommend a funny novel. Not "Humor", which includes Garfield the Cat, Dave Barry, and Jokes for the John, but honest to God novels, with characters and plots and such. I have a little list of authors and if anyone can add to it, I will be in her or his debt. I would include, in no particular order: Wodehouse, Waugh, George MacDonald Fraser, Donald Westlake, Nancy Mitford, E.F. Benson, Augustus Carp (faux autobiography, only thing the man ever wrote), John Mortimer, Joe Keenan (before he wrote for Frazier, he did two novels and is rumored to be working on a third), Carl Hiaasen, Saki, John Kennedy Toole, Tom Sharpe ("Wodehouse on acid"-P.J. O'Rourke), Jay Cronley, Stella Gibbons, Sara Caudwell, Mark B. Cohen, Geoffrey Willans. Also, because we must: Twain, Artemus Wa