Questions About Drombeg

things for a teen to do in dublin, ireland?

My 60 year old Nana and I (14) are taking a one to two week visit to Ireland. She has asked me to plan out what I want to do on this trip. Neither of us have been to Ireland before so I need a little help on what to do. For three days and three nights, we are staying in Dublin. We are renting a car to go a north (a little) and south (Powercast Waterfall to Wichlow). Any ideas on relatively cheap places to eat, and attractions would greatly appreciated. Keep in mind we are vegetarian, and keep the attractions close together. We are also taking a 3-4 day road trip to Waterford, Cork, Drombeg, Killarney, Cashel, and Kilkenny, and our last night will be in Dublin again. So yeah, it's quite a bit. Any info would be awesome. I have bought two tour books, but really haven't understood the whole Dublin numbering thing. i.e. Dublin 2, 3, 4 or whatever. I know it's alot to ask, but could someone explain that also? Thanks a ton Yahoo peeps :) -Madison.