Questions About E Bro

Hoes before bros?

Does "Hoes before bros" apply if the "Ho" is married? My married friend intruduced me to another single friend of hers and we hit it off. Married friend wants me not to go for the guy 'cos SHE has feelings for him. I say I can go for him 'cos she is married and all I want is to make out with him and see where it goes. Confounding variables: I work with married friend. Married friend's marriage sucks, but she is not planning on leaving any time soon. Married friend and the guy have been friends for longer than I have been friends with her but they only see each other once a month. I am forbidden to tell the guy married friend has feelings for him, obviously, so what do I say? "We, uh, can't go on a date for a reason. A SECRET reason." It's been dry in the shade for this plant. Since March.

Crotch-Rocket Riders: Help Me Pimp My lil Bro's Ride

A '99 Kawasaki ZX-7R with 30k miles was just dropped off by my little bro for a tune up and carb sync/adjustment. While I have it, what bitchen stuff can I do to this bike for $300/$400 bucks. (I have permission to do whatever I want.) I need advice because even though I've built engines for Harleys, Vespas and even "big rig" diesels, I have no idea what would be important to tweak on this "crotch rocket". Re-jet the carbs? Aftermarket clutch? Aftermarket cam? Heck, I don't know! What would YOU be excited about if somebody Pimped your Rocket? Many thanks in advance!

"I love you, bro."

He gets to call me "sis," but "bro" is taken by bros. What affectionate term can I call my brother? I was reunited with my twin a few years ago, and we're the best of friends -- as close as if we grew up together. Because we didn't actually grow up together, things that validate our siblinghood give us extra fuzzy warm feelings; things like strangers assuming he's my brother, or even simply when he affectionately calls me "sis." I want to respond in kind, but my options seem limited and uncomfortable. "Bro" has become too much like "dude" or "man" in general -- plus, both of us were in co-ed fraternities and have an additional association with "Brother" as part of that fraternity-related identity. I've used "little brother," which feels right but is kind of a mouthful. What do you experienced siblings call each other?

Yo Dawg I Put a Mario Bros Inside Your Super Mario Bros

SuperMarioBrosFilter! Which version of Super Mario Bros. (I believe on Super Nintendo, could be wrong, though) had the feature where you could also play a quick two-player game of Mario Bros.? It was kind of a hidden feature; all I remember is that, when Mario and Luigi were in the the levels screen (where you pick which part of the level to play), if one of the players moved their character to where the other was and hit A or B, you'd be able to play a quick game of the original Mario Bros.

Bros of Reddit, I just got my heart broken by a bros before hoes promise. What is your most painful bros before hoes moment?

Almost exactly a year ago (July 29th, 2011) a bro of mine (whom I've been friends with since kindergarten, he even was the one who gave me a condom when I forgot mine on my very first time with a chick) and I had a falling out. We had a mega fight, because my (now ex) girlfriend fed me lies about …