Questions About eastern european language

Should I learn one of eastern european languages ,like Polish,Czech,Bulgarian,and etc?

I really love to learn foreign languages , therefore, made lots of efforts on those for years. I can speak Chinese,Portuguese,Japanese at present. Furthermore,I really want to put my mind to learn eastern european languages ,like Polish,Czech,Bulgarian,and etc. Is it worthwhile to spend time learning one of those languagues? What would I benefit from such a learning process?

Problem with eastern european characters when scraping data from the European Parliament Website

EDIT: thanks a lot for all the answers an points raised. As a novice I am a bit overwhelmed, but it is a great motivation for continuing learning python!!

I am trying to scrape a lot of data from the European Parliament website for a research project. The first step is to create a list of all parliamentarians, however due to the many Eastern European names and the accents they use i get a lot of missing entries. Here is an example of what is giving me troubles (notice the accents at the end of the family name):

<td class="listcontentlight_left">
<a href="/members/expert/alphaOrder/;id=28276" title="ANDRIKIEN?, Laima Liucija">ANDRIKIEN?, Laima Liucija</a>
Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats)

So far I have been using PyParser and the following code:

name = Word(alphanums + alphas8bit)
begin, end = map(Suppress, "

Why do many Eastern Europeans speak English with no articles?

I noticed many Eastern Europeans, especially Russians speak English with no articles. e.g. instead of "I have a book", they say, "I have book." or instead of "Those are the toilets over there" becomes "Is toilet over there". Instead of "we are going to the restaurant" they say "We go to restaurant". Do some Eastern European languages lack the use of indefinite and definite articles?

How to display Danish language on web page?

How can I get non-English characters to display on my website (probably Apache needs configuring, possibly just a HTML Meta Tag) We've recently moved servers. One of our websites has a large number of Danish and Eastern European names stored in a database. When these are now displayed on a webpage, although they show up fine in the source, they are being displayed as ugly symbols and gibberish in both IE and Firefox. Previously on the old server things were fine. [For example, Helsingør will be displayed as Helsing?r] How do I get them to display on the webpage correctly? The doctype etc of my webpage is < !doctype html public -//w3c//dtd html 4.01 transitional//en> Can I just make a change here to the charset or do I need to change the httpd.conf file and reboot the server?

How do you judge whether a language is difficult or not?

Of course it depends on the length of study, Eastern/ European language,different structure or environmental impact,but how do you personally judge it? Many people say that Chinese is hard but there are non-Chinese who speak it fluently. Is it easier for man to learn Chinese characters than for women as man are better at visualizing(visual memory)? It is said that Spanish is easier than French/German, but is it really true? Because some people think all languages aren't difficult nor easy. Thanks a lot Yahoo Answerers!

For those who live in a country with a different language than your mother tongue?

Do you find that you're slowly forgetting certain things about your native tongue? I'll always be able to understand everything, read and speak and write. But speaking and writing lately comes very hard. I continuously second guess myself, I can't think of certain expressions and my grammar has become a bit poor. I've lived in an english-speaking country for 11 years now, and I grew up speaking two eastern european languages. When I talk to my friends back home, they just sort of make me feel like I'm pretending that it's becoming harder and harder for me to speak in my native tongue.

Cheaps trips across Eastern / Central Europe

How do I travel cheaply from Budapest, Hungary to Kaunas, Lithuania next month? I need to go from Budapest, in Hungary to Kaunas, in Lithuania next month for work and personal reasons. I've found some flights online but I'm wondering if there's a cheaper option, e.g. train or bus? It would be useful to know some good Internet sources for cheap Central / Eastern European travel methods anyhow as I will be doing a lot more in future so bonus Best Answers for that too. I need to find English-language sites ideally!

Identifying slang

Identify that slang! "Gribnodes" used to refer to snackfoods, particularly snackfoods that one serves in small bowls at a party, like nuts or chexmix. My father (who was raised in a mostly Polish household, in a mostly eastern-european-language-speaking neighborhood with some Italian speakers thrown in and spent most of his adult life as an officer in the U.S. Air Force) uses it. He can't identify where it comes from and I am, obviously, guessing at the spelling. I've had no luck in slang dictionaries or search engines or asking around. There's always the possibility that it's not an actualy slang term, per se, but just my father's word, possibly from misunderstanding a Polish word or phrase. Suggestions?

Upon signing contract in the Army, do you have to agree to at least one deployment to Iraq/Afghanistan?

I am trying to join under the MAVNI program, utilizing my language and culture skills.I originally come from Eastern Europe and speak an Eastern European language. There are thousands of Army soldiers dispersed in over 150 of the world's countries. What are the chances that I could actually be deployed and stationed in my home country?Also, what are the chances that I'd get deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan?Is it true that you have to agree to at least one term in Iraq or Afghanistan if you do 4 years of active duty?

What is the Slovenian word for irritant?

I'm writing a story and in it there is an Eastern European man. I'd like for him to utter a few Slovenian phrases here and there.... except I don't know any Slovenian phrases. Is there a common phrase for a small bodily irritant such as a sore throat or creaky knees? I know Drazi is the word for irritant, I think, but I'm not really sure if it's in the right context. Any Eastern European language would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

Who is this guy?

Anybody read Polish? Or know about Stan Nonin? I'm in the middle of semi-giving a domain name to this guy - suddenly I figured I'd Google his name, and actually found that he buys domains, well, more than just from me. I found one message where someone was also asking about him, but no replies. The only other place discussing him is in (I think) Polish. Could be some other Eastern European language. Here it is: link to Polish article I'm now wondering if he intends to send spam from the domain or something. He seems reasonable enough -- said it was for some people with a band that are putting together a web site -- and my client has no use for the domain name anymore, their old business is no longer in existence (and I'm not comfortable profiting from domain name sales anyway). Can anyone read the linked page and tell me what relevant info it contains? Thanks!