Questions About Electronic Dental Records

Need recomendations on medical grade keyboards.

Need a medical grade keyboard for dental offices. Do you have some you use and would recommend? My employer is in the midst of a huge EDR (Electronic Dental Records) migration and part of it is all new computers and peripherals. Unfortunately the directors on the project say they have to have wireless. In the end this will be a large order (About 3-500 keyboards easily). Here are the requirements: -Wireless -Conforms to infectious controls protocols (Clean-ability) -Must have 10-key and integrated mouse The wireless portion is KILLING us. We have purchased ~70 units from a company called Econokeys but with a 20% failure rate and them not being able to keep up with our demand for the project we are looking for other options. What I am hoping for is recommendations from some other medical professional/IT Person/Office staff/whatever on what they have used and would recommend.