Questions About Ellery Ellory Ellary Ellarie Ellorie

How should I spell this name?

Ellery This is one of my favorite names, I know a lot of people hate it but I think it's different and not too out there. Ella/Elle is such a cute nickname. Here are the different ways I have seen it: Ellery Ellory Ellary Ellarie Ellorie Which do you like best? Or do you hate the name? Thanks! lol I know it sounds like celery. I would probably call her that on purpose, ha ha.

How do you feel about this names?

Ainsley and Ellery/Ellory. I like Ainsley but I'm not sure I love it, you know? What do you think, yay or nay? Also Ellery; I saw this name in a magazine, its the actress Laura Dern's daughter's name. Do you like it? Or would you prefer the spelling of Ellory. I know it rhymes with celery lol. Thanks for your opinions! You could also spell it Ellary. So which is your favorite spelling?