Questions About Elliot Materonni

Is my plot confusing?

Would you as a reader find the Novel I'm writing confusing? Bear in mind, I have written 101,000 words (roughly 300 pages) worth of the actual Novel during NaNoWriMo 2013, so I just basically threw in seemingly random plots to fill in space. Now I know the goal is 50,000 words but I finished it in two weeks and wanted to see how far I could go. I think it was a bad move to continue writing without any background/set up because right now, I'm beginning to think that my Story is confusing. Here is a brief summary of my Novel: Kate, a fifteen year old artist flies to California to see her ever lasting Best Friend, David. He has moved three months ago but they never stopped calling each other every once and a while. Her alcoholic mother doesn't want her to stay in touch with him, but relentlessly boards the plane in hopes that Kate would, as quoted, "shut up about the guy." Before the plane took off, Kate gave David a call to tell him she was on her way and he was excited to hear that. Ag