Questions About emcee jokes

has anyone emceed a same sex marriage?

My niece is getting married soon and has asked me to be the emcee. I have no problem doing this but never having emceed a wedding much less a same sex marriage, I was wondering what are the bounderies to such things as jokes, what you call the couple ( bride and groom, bride and bride etc), like I said I have no problem with doing this and have nothing against same sex marriage just alittle confused as to what is the protocol. They are both very comfortable with gay/lesbian jokes as long as they are not offensive , obviously, but could use some advice Maybe to clarify for mental midgets lilke is 2010 if you would ever climb out of your cave to find out...and since it is my NIECE where exactly is the gay men reference even remotely relevant...if to me ... sorry you struck out again..I am not gay...and to anyone else with lorraines' view point dont waste your time....tell me anything good that has come of the " HOLY SCRIPTURE"

Im going to me the emcee for my school talent show, I need some funny, approrite jokes for filller time.?

As i said I am going to me the emcee for my High School Talent show. My Teacher told me I need to get some Jokes for filler time when they are organizing props backstage and to entertain the audience. She gave me a joke book, but its full of really really lame puns. So I was wondering if anyone knew some good school-appropriate jokes?

µ¥ Can you fill in the blanks with as many words as you wish to complete an amusing paragaraph?

A group of the stars of TV Land got together for a party. The first two stars to arrive were _______ and ________. When they walked in and saw the _____ they were ______. The band hired for the gig was __________. After the last guests arrived, the first song performed was that wonderful old classic, "_____________." ______ and ______ were the first on the dance floor. Unfortunately they ________ and needed to be __________. ______ was the emcee. He started off the program with a joke about __________. All of a sudden, ______ walked on stage and stole the spotlight because ___________. The headlines the next day read: "_______________________________________"

My friend is getting married to a Brit in 10 hours. I have no wedding script and I'm not British. Need help

So, I'm being asked to emcee my friend's wedding dinner. Back story, the bride is Malaysian and the groom is English. The groom's whole family are over and will be the only Caucasian folks in the audience. They're **VERY** straight-laced so I would like some clean English-type jokes or references…

How do I strengthen my performance on stage?

Last year I got into singing and doing stand up comedy. It was suggested to me to speak with conviction when I tell my jokes. I'm working on projecting my voice when I go up on stage to sing. I'm very focussed on working on my voice - I feel comfortable singing on stage than doing jokes at the moment. I just wonder if this would help me speak better on stage. I'm usually a very quiet person who doesn't talk much - but for health reasons I decided to find outlets for creative expression and emotions. Since I embarked upon my adventure into the singing and stand up comedy zone, I find that I have a lot of support from my family and friends who would like to see me do more in this field. I know I couldn't be where I am today without them. Reason why I ask this is cause I have got an offer to co-emcee a weekly music jam and tell jokes, another offer to do a comedy night at a local pub and my usual Monday Night comedy hangout pub would like to see me get back on stage.