Questions About England Masters

What are some of the best tools available for mastering the Received Pronunciation accent?

What books/courses/web tutorials would you recommend to help me learn the Received Pronunciation (BBC) English accent? I am an American, and I grew up in and around Los Angeles, so I have a slight 'valley' Californian accent. I'm interested in mastering an RP accent, just as a hobby. (Though when I lived in England, I sometimes fantasized about using a British accent to avoid the instant judgment I received in shops and pubs....) I'm willing to put the time and practice into this that I know it requires. Are there any very good tutorials out there? I'd love to find something that both represented the phonemes visually and offered audio accompaniment. Thanks.

A Country House (Moving to England)

After I graduated from university last year, I moved to England to work as an au pair for a year. My time's up (I go back in a month to start pursuing my Masters), but I feel like I fit in really well over here & would seriously consider moving here after I get my degree. Actually, I'd rather just stay. Unfortunately that's not an option right now. I'd need a job to move here, though! Do you think I could find one? (Relevant details inside.) I'm an American & German citizen (no work permit issues) in my early 20s, and have received my education in the States. I've done pretty well so far, and I'll be starting at a university that's well-recognized in my field (library science-I'd love to work with rare books/special collections, but really just want to work at a university library). With lots of hard work, I'm hoping to do well there, too. It has a practical experience requirement, so I think I'll be able to add some good things to my C.V. by the time I graduate. I

Looking for "New Media" Masters programs in a warm climate, preferably west coast

Back to school filter: Looking for "New Media" Masters programs in a warm climate, preferably west coast. More details inside. I'm having trouble finding grad programs for so-called "new media". Or rather programs that match what I mean when I say "new media" I'm looking for a program that studies the effects of 'new' social mediums, how ready access to instant information is changing lives and our culture. I'm talking about a masters in long tail, crowd sourcing, open api, mashup, OSS ,memes, facebook, android marketplace, and lolcatz. (*cue the groans*). It seems a lot of programs called "new media" are geared towards video/audio/graphic design or digital journalism. There's two excellent programs that seem to fit the bill near me now: new school media studies NYU Interactive Telecommunication Program ...but that doesn't gel very well with my GTFO of New England requirement :( (Yes I

'Taught in English' Masters degree in Berlin?

Is it easy/possible to apply for a 'taught-in-English' masters degree in Berlin/Germany, just for fun? (I am English, 31 years old, a humanities graduate) Is the teaching aimed non-English speakers. Should I just go on holiday and study in England instead? Is competition for places fierce? Is school level German sufficient to get by? Are there any other fees other than the suspiciously low enrolment fees?

Can I get a master's in film studies?

Can I get a master's in film studies? I graduated from college in 2005 with a BA in English and have been working in book publishing since then (I'm 28). I would really like to apply to master's programs in film studies this year. Most applications are due in December. Is this a pipe dream? Some background: in 2008 I applied to five top-tier PhD programs in English. I knew at the time it was a *super* long shot, and I didn't get in, which ended up being a relief - embarking on a seven-year program in a field I was already feeling lukewarm about would have been a bad idea. Three years later I'm ready to try again, this time a master's in film studies, and this time I'm excited about it. I don't need to apply to top film programs (NYU, USC, ivies), but I would like to go a good school, either in New England (my current home) or the pacific northwest. Two examples of the kind of program I'm looking for (cinema studies/theory, not production): * Univ

My wife is going to be deported, soon. We have 4 & 2-year old daughters. Should she go to England or Belize?

She will have the choice. She was born in Belize, but moved to England when she was two and got her Masters there. I will have to stay in the US, and will not have the option of going to England. I may be able to travel to Belize, and it's only a 3 hour flight for me. I have a job that pays well, b…

Mid 20s guy, going back to study for a master's after a few years in work. Going back to live with my parents would be best financially but might well drive me crazy. What should I do?

This is a huge life decision so I'd appreciate the perspectives of you fine redditors. It'll take a fair bit of background so for those with short attention spans the **TL; DR** is at the bottom! I left my parents' home (in Birmingham, England) aged 18. I've spent six years away since then: 3 year…

Looking for an affordable area to move to in New England--Any suggestions for the budget concious?

We enjoy the outdoors (mountain biking, camping, fishing, hiking, snowboarding, boating, etc) and are looking to get away from the hot, humid summers of southern Pennsylvania. I've always loved New England, and have spent a lot of time with family in Massachuesettes. We're severly budget deprived, but would love to move north. She is finishing her masters in Regualtory Affairs; he works in a Library/Archives and edits manuscripts on the side. Are there any quaint areas in upstate New York, or throughout New England that won't break the bank, are within reasonable distance of employment, but are still close to the beautiful outdoors?

Should I go to a professional photoschool or get a masters in photography?

I currently have an undergraduate degree in education. I was thinking of obtaining a Masters degree in Photography, or should I go to a professional photography school, such as New England School of Photography (Boston), Portfolio Center (Atlanta) or Miami Ad School (Miami) I have a strong background in photography and have had my photographs displayed in galleries.

Is it possible to find a job in Newcastle with Master of science?

I came from China and I will apply for the Master of Project management in Northumbria university. I heard that foreigners(like Chinese) are difficult to get work visa in England. I have 5 yrs experience on project management(electronic industry), especially on financial area. Is it pretty difficult for me to apply job in England after I graduate from Master. What should I do to enhance the chance to get a related job in England? Thanks for your reply in advance! BR April

I have a Polish MA degree. What other qualifications do I need to teach in England at Primary or Sec schools?

I have a Polish MA degree which i believe to be the equivalent to a Masters degree here. I have 18 months teaching experience at Secondary School Level in Poland but I had to attain no further qualification for that . My question is, what further qualifications would I need to teach in England at either Secondary School or Primary School Level? Please help!!!