Questions About Examkrackers

Did anybody ever hear about how the Examkrackers live prep course is?

I am planning on taking a good MCAT live prep course for the summer because I am not that good at self studying. I really want to take the Examkrackers live course because I heard they only focus on what you need to know for the MCAT and not on everything that you don't need to know. But their class is around $2000 and I Don't want to waste my money! There are NO reviews at all on how their live prep course is. Does anybody know how it might be? Or do you know anyone that took this course and whether or not they liked it and got a good MCAT score? Thanks! :)

Which MCAT prep course do you recommend?

I can do Kaplan, Princeton Review, or Examkrackers. I'd like to get input from people who have taken the MCAT. Also, has anyone done an online MCAT prep course? With Kaplan or Princeton Review I can start in either October or January and finish in April. There is also an option to take the whole course over the winter break. I tried talking to my pre-med advisor and she really didn't give me any good advice. I'm taking the exam in April 2011. Thanks!

best MCAT prep material (books) kaplan, princeton, or examkrackers? share your experiences and suggestions...?

I'm going to be a junior in august nd have decided i should start freaking out bout the mcats now itself. i wasn't planning to attend the courses as i've been able to manage with self-study in the past. so i was wondering which is the best book for mcat prep. i've heard kaplan and princeton offer too much info and exam krackers seems to be a spam(on amazon things didn't add up) can anyone who's had experience with any of these please tell me how it helped or didn't help them....? and please make a final recommendation thanks in advance for any advice.