Questions About Fedime

Organizing my music. All automatically.

I've never really bought albums/CDs and ripped them. Atleast not all of them, I probably have like 15-20 albums, but that's it. The major part of my music collection happens to come from the Napster times. Where only tracks would be downloaded, which have little or no filename according to convention. So, I have tracks like "12-Thievery Corp-Fedime's Flight.mp3". I'd like to see this track as "Thievery Corporation - Fedime's Flight.mp3" Is there any simple to use software, that will scan all the music I have in, for example, one drive (Drive F:). Look it up on CDDB/FreeDB/Amazon/Yahoo/etc, get the real information, rename the file, and update the artist/track tags and move it to a clean, new folder? All without too much human intervention? I've searched on here, and I've tried numerous taggers, and so far MB Tagger worked well. But 60% of my collection comes up as "unidentified". It did the renaming/moving/updating tags thing really well. But too bad, it doesn't h