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What will happen if I put dark blonde store-bought hair dye on my jet-black hair? How will it come out? Color?

Ok so originally I was just going to dye my black hair- dark brown. I figured it would look natural. But I learned my mom already dyes her hair dark brown, and her hair looks totally black to me. And she has more greys which are easier to dye, so my hair would come out even darker. So then I figu…

Cycling accessories?

2 cycling accesories questions inside. One about a portable pump (Blackburn Airstik) and the tiny valves on my tires and one about Cycleops or other indoor trainers. 1. Anyone have experience with Cycleops or other indoor trainers to attach a road bike to? Brands to avoid? Things to look for? I figue if I buy now they'll be cheaper than than they would be in the fall/winter when other people buy. 2. So I was getting low on air on a particularly ride and stopped at a gas station to find that the valves on my new LeMond road bike don't fit on the air pumps at the gas station. Suffered the rest of the ride. Today, I went and bought a Blackburn Airstick portable pump. The packaging says "instructions enclosed" and of course there aren't any inside. I'm baffled. (I searched google but can't find the official site for the pump manufacturer.) a. The valves on my tubes are very thin. When I take off the cap, there's another "screw" under it that u

Strange birds

I want to prepare a Russian-Doll Roast. In Schott's Food & Drink Miscellany, there is a recipe for a "Russian-Doll Roast" as follows: Below is one of many versions of the famous Russian-doll-like roast. Its preparation is complex and laborious (it is wise to debone all of the birds larger than the ortolan), and there is always the vexed question of how long to cook the monster once it is prepared. Eighteen hours of moderate roasting seems a reasonable time, but be sure to check the juices run clear. Stuff a large olive with capers and a clove Place the olive inside a bec-figue Place the bec-figue inside an ortolan Place the ortolan inside a lark Wrap the lark in vine-leaves and place inside a large thrush Place the thrush inside a plump quail Wrap the quail in bacon and place inside a plover Place the plover inside a lapwing Place the lapwing inside a partridge Place the partridge inside a woodcock Place the woodco

For anyone with a 07+ Wrangler, you know the stereo is bad. I have upgraded speakers and deck, still no real improvement... need help.

I have installed an Alpine deck (similar to [this]( and 4 new Alpine speakers (similar to [this]( Still getting crappy sound with little bass. Now two speakers are mounted in the roll bar - I am figu…

Anyone know about magic or Andre Kole?

Does anyone have an idea as to how Andre Kole makes the Statue of Liberty "dissapear" in his performance? I recently attended one of his shows and I was amazed by his talent. I tried to figue his acts out and I couldn't seem to figure this one out. I was actually at his show, so there were no camera tricks! And yes, he made it perfetly clear he was a very religious person. The last 45 minutes he did nothing but preach about God.