Questions About Florida High Schools

High School transcripts from an out-of-business private school?

How do you go about requesting high school transcripts from a private school that no longer exists? My boyfriend is looking to enroll in community college in spring to get started on his gen eds for nursing school. We've done the application and the FAFSA, but upon fishing to get a copy of his transcripts, we found that the school he recieved his HS diploma from no longer exists. We contacted the county office (Broward County, Florida) and they politely explained that they only have access to public school info. All contact info for the now defunct school (Academy Senior High, Davie) leads to nowhere. He did a few years in the military right after graduation (this was around a decade ago) but was administratively discharged before the end of his stint. Would it be adviseable to contact the military for his records? Would they perhaps have any official details concerning his high school record? He's left messages for family members but has yet to hear back. Is

Summer film programs for high school students?

I'm looking for information about summer film programs for a former student. A former student of mine, currently a junior in high school, wants to attend a summer film program in order to make a short for a film school application. She can't pay that much, though, so I was wondering if anyone knew of programs of decent quality that 1) offer new based financial aid or 2) don't cost very much. She lives in Florida, but says that she can fly to another state. She also has an apartment in NYC, so that would help if living expenses are a concern. Thanks for your help.

Where do you find Box scores for Central Florida High School Basketball games online?

I remember growing up in Central Florida that the Orlando Sentinel always provided the box scores for the previous nights High school basketball games. These box scores had the individual stats for the individual players each game played. No that everything os online, I would assume that this information can be found online, but I am having a hard time finding it. I find the scores of the games, but not the Box score. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...

How can I get my high school ring back from 1978 to a girl I gave it to?

Back when I was In basic training in the Air Force in 1978 I met a girl ,her name was Pam Miano..the last I heard she was sent to Florida in the Air Force. We dated briefly and for some stupid reason i gave her my high school ring as token of trust I guess I thought at the time. I never saw her again after basic training,she met my family down in San Antonio,Tx..and corresponded with my sister briefly but she lost track of her..and I would really like my ring back. It was a Diamond April stone,with a gold band on it..from Cheektowaga Central High School from 1978. It really means a lot to me if i could get it back. My 30 year reunion is coming up and would love to have that ring on when I go to my reunion. Any help would be appreciated ..thanks..( I know I am going to hear from people saying what a jerk I was ..but I know that already so don't waste your answers on it please ...thank you..)

What can i expect from USA senior year at high school?

I am a high school student from New Zealand but I am going on an exchange to the USA (preferably in Florida or California) next year in January till July. I wanted to know what to expect from the school year and like what events are on. I really really want to be able to experience prom and winter formal and graduation (if possible - other wise i would just like to watch) and all that. What else is there that sort of highlights the school year in the second semester?

A public school music teacher finding a private school position?

I'm a public school music teacher. I'm thinking about moving to another part of the country. How do I go about finding a position teaching at a private school? [more inside] I'm an elementary school music teacher (I've taught high school vocal music, but I've found that I prefer working with younger students). I'm considering moving back to my homeland of Southern California from Florida, but IIRC public school jobs as an elementary music specialist are in short supply there. So I'm thinking about working for a private school provided I can find a full-time position with benefits, since many private schools have maintained their elementary music programs. That being said, I have no idea how to go about finding private school jobs. The problem is compounded by the fact that I need to remain in Florida until at least the end of the school year, and that there's no one city that I'm looking at (San Diego would be nice since I grew up there, but I'd also like to li

Reddit, I am no longer able to go to school due to illness and now have an incredible amount of free time, What should I do with it? (Details inside)

**INC. Wall of Text** Hello Reddit, I am a 17 year old currently attending a Florida high school. I have completed almost all of my recent graduation requirements but recently have developed a cough that sounds like as my father put it, "A dying duck" and other cold like symptoms. Although I am no…

where can i get a acredited high school diploma online cheap?

i have tried Florida virtual school and k12 but im to old to meet the requirements with both of those schools i dropped out of school after i completed eighth grade and i really need to get my diploma. i do not want to go to an actual school because i have no transportation and its to much stress being in a school full of other kids. if you have any schools please feel free to advise me thank you i dont want to go to public schools i have no transportation

I have been enjoying high school. But now I am thinking of a different path?

I am a high school freshman with commendable status. (All A's, robotics club, Mu Alpha Theta, Science Fair, Law Club, etc.) I have enjoyed it but I have started to think it is useless. I know there are ways that I just do not notice how high school is benefiting me, but I am starting to realize that it is too easy and a waste of time. I am in all honors classes and an AP class. I am even taking math that is two full years ahead of me. This week, I get my course selection sheet for my sophomore year (next year). I already know most of my classes that I will take, but I am just thinking if high school will benefit me. I would like to try college as soon as possible. I would like to just begin working. I do not know if I would actually stay in college. I feel that college would turn my life into getting a Just Over Broke and making me work until I am too old to enjoy life and then spend all the money in my 401(k) on medical bills that I could have used to go places and do the things that