Questions About formaldehyde

Does Draught Beer Contain Formaldehyde?

BeerFilter: I've been told by 3 separate bartenders that draught beer has formaldehyde in it, that's why they only drink from bottles. A Google search shows at best that there may be two reasons for formaldehyde being in beer. (1) Can manufacturing and (2) ethanol breakdown. Are either harmful enough to avoid draught beer? One article, here about can manufacturing says that in "the old days" formaldehyde was used, but today other washes take it's place. Another article here (about 1/3 down the page) suggests formaldehyde is a common byproduct of ethanol, which should be in all beer. Are these the same chemical things, or enough to change my habits? Should I only drink bottles to oxymoronically "drink healthy"?

Formaldehyde treated sheets

Lately we have been buying no-iron sheets because they are so soft and do not require ironing. Now we hear that they are treated with formaldehyde. Lands' End says: "The fabric is treated at a fiber level with a no-wrinkle finishing process that is deemed so safe it's commonly used for children’s clothing" but they don't mention formaldehyde. Should we be concerned?

If you knew flu shots contain carcinogens and formaldehyde would you want one?

I watch the Doctor's Show on television and wanted to see what they are putting in flu shots and they listed carcinogens and formaldehyde just to name a few of the ingredients. The swine flu shot has mercury in it. What is the government trying to do? Poison us all? I already had endometrial cancer, I really don't want cancer again. I believe I've had the swine flu and haven't died yet!

Is there a mask that protects against inhaling formaldehyde fumes that is not a big gas mask?

I am a hair stylist that offers the brazialian keratin straightening treatment. It contains formaldehyde. it scares me to be breathing the fumes on a daily basis. I would like to continue offering the service, but not if my health is at risk. I will purchase a formaldehyde air purifier, but I would like to wear a mask also. I DONT want to wear a big gas mask that will scare people!