Questions About Fred Perrys

Does anyone know where to buy Fred Perry clothing in Ontario Canada?

I live in southern ontario, but can travel up to toronto. I have been searching online for stores that sell Fred Perry clothing, more so the polo's. Yes, ebay is an option but they don't have so many women's polo's up or the kind i want. So, if anyone knows where i can buy Fred Perry in southern ontario, toronto, or even the buffalo area of the united states, that would be a great help. Thanks! like i said i checked ebay, i am a girl and there isn't very many options of polo's on ebay as of yet.

Where's the cheapest online store that I can buy polo shirts of the makes: Fred Perry, Lacoste etc?

Any links of referrals to websites will be much appreciated, not looking for answers along the lines of eBay. If you know of any place for example where Fred Perry polo shirts are £20 a piece, please inform me. I'm not only looking for good shops for this kind of stuff, but anything like trainers, jeans, knitwear, jumpers, jackets and all other types of clothing. If you do have any good resources related to fashion, please inform me. Thank you!

What do you think about my style? 17 yr old male?

I'm 17 year old male -2 Burberry polo shirts -Burberry polo shirt long sleeves -2 Fred Perry Polo shirts -Pierre Cardin polo shirt -"Oasis" t-shirt -Liverpool fc jersey -England jersey -Reebok zip through -1 Lonsdale zip hoodie -2 Lonsdale zip throughs -Pierre Cardin zip through -Ralph lauren zip through(classic fit) -4 Puma long sleeved shirts -1 Fishbone zip hoodie -12 regular t-shirts (Puma, Nike, reebok, tom tailor, benetton) -1 cerruti long sleeved shirt -1 mexx long sleeved shirt -1 mexx dress shirt -2 Ralph Lauren Polos -1 hackett polo -2 Lacoste sweaters -3 Yves Saint Laurent shirts -Lacoste gloves -2 lacoste jeans -Marks&Spencer autograph jeans -1 Thor Steinar brown army-style jeans -3 puma trainers -2 Benetton shorts -1 Abercrombie twill shorts -M65 olive green jacket -M65 black jacket -Brown fred perry jacket -black ben sherman jacket -Black fred perry Harrington jacket -black lacoste shoes -white lonsdale shoes -4 puma shoes(for sports mainly) -Fred perry shoes -pair

Where can I buy designer clothing wholesale?

Hello there, I've been looking around for ages now trying to find designer clothing: Lacoste, Lyle & Scott, Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, Fred Perry, Gant etc in wholesale and I can't find anything. If I do, I'm not 100% sure when it comes to authenticity. I don't want to be paying stupidly high prices nor do I want to be paying stupidly low prices because I know they would be fake. I just want some genuine wholesalers that sell these designer brands clothing. If anyone knows any suppliers, please let me know. Your help will be most appreciated. Cheers.

Would you consider me emo?

I'm 14 and my 16 year old brother considers me emo, I listen to Pop punk/indie and classic rock bands like Green Day Blink 182 All time low Vampire weekend The vaccines Oasis Arctic monkeys The Beatles The who The ramones The sex pistols ETC I wear stuff like classic rock band and other retro t shirts Long sleeve woven shirts and polos from brands like Fred perry Ben Sherman. I wear super skinny jeans and chinos. And shoes like converse and vans. My hair is styled how Alex gaskarth has it now. So I personally don't see it but what do you guys think? Also if I'm not emo then what stereotyped group do I belong to.

Where do you get the polo shirts Santana and Britney wear singing Valerie in the Glee 3D movie?

I am in love with them and I really would like to buy one! If you're not sure what I'm on about this is the link for the video where they wear them. . I'm not stupid I know they're from Fred Perry , but I can't seem to find them and I'm not sure if they were just made for them in particular. Please send me a link if you find them!

What does the future for English sport.....?

Football team is alright but obviously there's a number of national teams who dwarf them, both continental and globally. The Rugby team has had its day in the sun and probably won't be back on top for quite a while despite the talent pool being far, far smaller in Rugby with only roughly ten top teams in the world. Tennis, an Englishman hasn't succeeded at Wimbeldon since Fred Perry and there's been a steep lack of English talent since with Henman being the nearly man of an entire generation of sportsmen. Despite Luke Donald topping the money list in Golf, he hasn't won a major, nor has Westwood, or Poulter, or anyone English since Nick Faldo in the 1996 probably, unless I'm missing someone. Ronnie O'Sullivan is the finest Snooker player in the world and breezed through the World Championship last month but the sport is largely dominated by non-English. Hamilton hasn't won a Drivers Championship since 2008, before that it was Damon Hill in the 90s. I dunno enough about Cricket to

Mystery Sneakers from the past

What's the name of these sneakers? I am not sure they're still made, but they're not Chuck Taylors or Fred Perrys (more like Chucks than Freds) -- They're mostly canvas (off-white) with a thick white rubber toe cap with a black (or blue?) 'smile' in the cap. I wore them in the late 70s and early 80s. I don't know if they were designed for a specific sport maybe tennis or basketball . . . classics -- and I think they have a man's name, but I am not sure.

Why is my boyfriend so un appreacitive and horribe at times?

For my boyfriends 18th birthday next week I've bought him two drake tickets and a vintage fred perry polo, I haven't told him what he's getting and he knows I've got him a present but all he keeps saying is don't buy me a present and says he doesn't want anything its really beginning to make me upset because I've spent a lot of thought in buying him these presents and I just don't know what to do..

Searching by multi-select facets

I have e-commerce site with filters on Product. Product has many ProductProperties, which are belong to Properties (essential property types) (Spree DB schema).

Properties are: "brand", "product_type", "collection_status" and "collection_season". User is allowed to filter by each of them with checkboxes (multiple values for each filter), so he can choose "Products of types 'socks' or 'shirts' with a brand 'lacoste' or 'fred perry'".

This logic is pretty hard to understand for me. And I'm confused: can I perform search in one SQL query? Does this query make any sense?

SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT "spree_products"."id") FROM "spree_products" 
  LEFT OUTER JOIN "spree_product_properties" ON "spree_product_properties"."product_id" = "spree_products"."id" 
    ("spree_product_properties"."value" in ('lacoste', 'fred perry') AND "spree_product_properties"."property_id" = 161337574)