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Who is the greatest FRONTMAN Ever?

Not necessarily most talented vocalist, but a combination of vocal skills, persona, stage presence, etc. My favorite is PAUL STANLEY Here are some other greats I can think of...I'd like to know what yu think: David Lee Roth Ozzy Mick Jagger Roger Daltrey Axl Rose Freddie Mercury Alice Cooper I agree, Robert Plant is on that list. Also I like Nirvana, but I don't think Kurt Cobain is deserving of inclusion in a list with these greats.

Have you seen this...?

This is the 100 best metal singers of all time from this website 01. Robert Plant 02. Rob Halford 03. Steven Tyler 04. Chris Cornell 05. Bon Scott 06. Freddie Mercury 07. Bruce Dickinson 08. Ozzy Osbourne 09. Paul Rodgers 10. Ronnie James Dio 11. Axl Rose 12. Sammy Hagar 13. Geddy Lee 14. Geoff Tate 15. Mick Jagger 16. Jonathan Davis 17. Roger Daltrey 18. Paul Stanley 19. David Lee Roth 20. Kurt Cobain 21. Maynard James Keenan 22. Klaus Meine 23. Eddie Vedder 24. James Hetfield 25. Trent Reznor 26. Serj Tankian 27. Layne Staley 28. Steve Perry 29. Gene Simmons 30. Joe Elliott 31. Jon Bon Jovi 32. Alice Cooper 33. Vince Neil 34. Steve Marriott 35. Lajon Witherspoon 36. Sebastian Bach 37. Philip Anselmo 38. Zack De La Rocha 39. Brian Johnson 40. Bret Michaels 41. Udo Dirkschneider 42. David Draiman 43. Ian Gillian 44. Marilyn Manson 45. Jeff Keith 46. Chester Bennington 47. Sully Erna 48. Lemmy Kilmister 4


Celebrities aren't born with their razzle dazzle stage names. Here are some shockingly plain real birth names of the stars... Julia Andrews- Julia Elizabeth Wells Jennifer Aniston- Jennifer Linn Anastassakis Pat Benetar- Patricia Andrzejewsk Mel Brooks - Melvin Kaminsky Jackie Chan - Kong-Sang Chan Chevy Chase - Cornelius Crane Chase Julia Child - Julia Carolyn McWilliams Alice Cooper - Vincent Damon Furnier Elvis Costello - Declan Patrick McManus Rodney Dangerfield - Jacob Cohen Portia De Rossi - Amanda Lee Rogers John Denver - Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. Snoop Doggy Dogg - Cordazer Calvin Broadus Bob Dylan - Robert Zimmerman Kirk Douglas - IrIssur Danielovitch Demsky Gloria Estefan - Gloria Maria Fajardo Jamie Foxx - Eric Bishop Judy Garland - Frances Gumm Whoopi Goldberg -Caryn Elaine Johnson Kathy Lee Gifford - Kathryn Epstein Billie Holiday - Eleanora Fagan Billy Idol - William Broad Elton John - Reginald Kenneth Dwight Alicia Keys - Alicia Augello Cook Larry King - Lawrence H