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What are some funny awards I could give out to my friends at an end of year party?

I want to create some funny awards to give out to my friends at an end of year party. They can be somewhat risqué or a bit mean, but nothing too raunchy or cruel. Does that make sense? I’m looking for things maybe like… Best Britney Spears Like Comeback Most Traffic Tickets Obtained in 2008 Or corny junk like that. Any ideas? I’m looking for about 10-20 awards to give out. It’d be great if they pertained to a year long thing. If you don’t have any good ideas but know of a FREE website that I could use, that’d be great too! OMG YES! DUNDIE AWARDS!!! PERFECTTTTTTT

Did you know these NBA facts Part 4?

It has been a week or so since I have gave some NBA facts, so I decided to come back with some things you may not have known. 1) Did you know that the only man to ever win the rookie of the year while averaging less then 10 ppg was Tony Parker. Parker averaged 9.2 and 4.3 assists. What is funny is that Pao Gasol was a rookie the same year and put up 17 ppg and 8 RPG. Is the fact that Parker played on a winning team that much of a difference. 2) Did you know that there was never a player in the NBA with the letter X at the beginning of his last name. I challenge you to find me one. Did you know that only 3 players in NBA history last names begin with Q. Bob Quick, Chris Quinn, Brian Quinett. Seems like a stupid fact, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless. 3) Did you know that after the Celtics and the Lakers that the San Antonio Spurs have more division titles than any team with 17. What is amazing about that stat is that they have only been in the NBA since 1976. Basically

What's a good duet song for two educators (man and woman) to sing in a cabaret style show?

I'm doing a cabaret-style show in my hometown, and I have been paired with the housemaster of the local middle school. I, myself, am an English teacher in another district, but I'd like to find something funny, appropriate, and not too difficult to sing with the gentleman. I don't believe he has much experience, although I do. The whole thing is just meant to be a night of good-humored fun and entertainment to raise money for the establishment of a performing arts center in my hometown. But there is a little aspect of competition involved. The "best" act...(and I suppose that could mean the funniest, the most sincere, the most unique, etc.) wins some kind of award. I'd like us to do well, so if anyone has some original, comedic ideas, I'd love to hear them. I have a musical theater background but can't think of too much other than some good ol' standards. (By the way, we can change lyrics, if necessary)! Put on your thinking caps! The best suggestion wins the points!

Does this prove that the media try to make good scary stories just to sell them?

I believe that if you spend 10 minutes reading this essay, you will be better informed than if you listen to a lifetime's worth of Major Media news. This article has two parts: 1. Cultural and general info 2. Political info. Note: I've explained everything.Any answers before reading the whole thing will prove to be wrong.Specially the political part.I've provided evidance for whatever I say.It's just the way it is. **** Part 1: Cultural and general info Hi. I'm a 19 year old Iranian who has spent his life in Iran.I study English.When I chat with people from other countries, I am shocked to see how totally wrong their ideas are about Iran. I wrote this article in an attempt to help correct those ideas. The first thing America, and the West in general, accuses our government of is that we don't allow personal freedoms. Actually, Iranians disobey laws they don't like as much as anyone.There are only a few restrictions.It's cool over here. People here do whatever they wish to! Many stri

What do you think about a Hollywood/Oscar Party wedding?

I'm thinking simple glamour, kind of oscar party. Colors: black, silver, gold, white, and ?? I need a color color.. I just hate red. We were thinking blue, but that'd look funny, right? Stars everywhere, walking in on a red carpet and having our bridesmaids/groomsmen take pictures like the poparatzzi (sorry, I have NO idea how to spell that). As tables, it'll be oscar winning movies and the place cards will be movie tickets (we don't know much how this would actually look) and invitations would be in the format of a reel/negatives. We were also thinking for favors, find CD cases that are round and look like a movie canister and put award winning songs on it. What do you think? Any other ideas? We don't want it to look too tacky.. Also, pictures would be extremely helpful!! What color do you think for the bridesmaids? we will be having the red carpet.. I just don't want too much red.. no clothing, etc. Thanks for all the great ideas! Even in the wedding section, I didn't th