Questions About Ghost Town

Save my client from building an Internet ghost town

How frequently do users of community-based sites abandon their registration attempt? And how does that correspond to how painful we make the registration process? I'm working on an e-commerce application for a cool little company. Their products serve a fairly passionate audience, so we thought it would be great to let users rate products and write reviews, a'la Amazon. My client is trying to force people to fill out a long registration page and validate the users email before they can participate. I'm worried that this will deter users from participating in the first place and suggested we either trim down the registration process or let them log in with their Facebook ID (via Facebook Connect). The client seems hesitant because then they won't "...own the user's data." Sigh. They guy responds well to arguments based on statistical data. I know from anecdotal experience that the more painless you can make registration, the greater your community will grow. Does a

This sound is coming like a ghost sound.

What do the cool dead kids listen to? I'm looking for vintage spooky pop with a particular flavor: that sparse, echo-y Day-O/Ghost Town mournful message from beyond-the-grave sound. With a beat. Additional details: Dead Man's Party is too lively, Portishead is too modern. The answer may be dub or fado, but I don't really know those genres, so specific tracks would be much appreciated.

Where can I find ghost towns in the United States? Not tourist attractions like "wild west towns" but real abandoned places.

I'm going on a cross-country road trip this summer, and I'm looking for abandoned towns that I can stop in to take some interesting pictures. We'll be traveling through Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, California, Baja California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Misso…

Do you know the name of a book about a pig (1) and a wolf, ghost town?

I read the book when I was little so it should be from before 1980 or early 80 at most. The story is about a pig and some other animals that live in a little town, some of the naimals are leaving because there is a ghost. The ghost is non other thatn the wolf trying to sacre everyone one. The pig is the one that put resistance to leave and finds out the ghost is the pig. The book is thin but it is tall maybe more than 15 inches.

How can I avoid doing Halloween as a ghost?

Just moved- how can I intercept something sent via overnight mail to my old address without waiting for USPS to forward it to my new address? I moved a week ago and set up mail forwarding with USPS 10/18. I haven't received any forwarded mail yet, and I moved one town away (Oakland to Berkeley in the Bay area) from my old address. Today I got word that an integral part of my Halloween costume got mistakenly shipped today, last-minute, to my old address in Oakland via overnight mail from the east coast. Is there any way to intercept the package somewhere along its route? I'm not totally clear on how the USPS mail forwarding system works. Should I show up at my local USPS early tomorrow morning and ask for my old mail carrier (who knows/likes me, I gave her gift certificates every Xmas)? If I can't track the package down, I'll be going trick-or-treating as a ghost in a floral bedsheet. Help!

Are there any cool old/historic towns in WA, great for engagement pictures?

My fiance and I are taking our engagement pictures in soon, and we are hoping to find a cool old/historic town along I-5, anywhere between Seattle and Portland that would be great to take our photos at. Any suggestions? I've googled but haven't found any listings, maybe I'm using to wrong words because it keeps pulling up ghost towns! and I definitely do not want that.. LOL. Thanks for any help!