Questions About Gifted Development Center

What could I put into a gift basket for a job promotion in child development?

My best friend was recently hired at a child development center, her dream job. I want to put together a gift basket for when she starts (March 5) but I'm starved for some fun ideas. I'm going to fill it with her favorite candy treats, but I am trying to think of some fun little gifts and trinkets that could relate to her new job. Thanks so much for any suggestions!

Using Game Center to save/share game data/state

After reading the developer docs and hours of searching various forums I can't seem to find information on how this is done.

Basically I have a bunch of data that I save locally that makes up the current state of the player's game. I've seen other games such as Tiny Tower, Pocket Planes and Smurf's village actually backs that data up in Game Center.

My goal here is for players to be able to load up data from their friend's games so they can see how things are progressing. For example, in Tiny Tower I can view my friend's tower and send him/her gifts. Similarly in Smurf's Village. I know I can do this with my own server with login/password but if it works via Game Center why complicate things?

Is it a matter of exploiting Game Center's match functionality? Or

What are some suggestions for great gifts to show my child's preschool teachers that I appreciate them?

My child attends preschool at the child development center on campus of a community college. Her class is in the middle of hiring several new permanent teachers (they've lost a few recently due to maternity leave, promotion, etc) so while there are a few permament teachers, there are also several different part time teachers that fill in randomly throughout the day. I want to show my appreciation to each of the teachers by giving a small gift, but this is tricky because there are different teachers in my child's class every day (due to the current situation). I'm on a college student's budget, but the teachers do an important job so I want to show my appreciation as generously as I can. Any suggestions for gifts for a situation like this? Thank you! PS-There are quite often young male college students that are observing/working with the kids I'm also looking for suggestions for gifts for men!

Help me take down a scam junk mailer

I just got a shady piece of 'scam' mail in my (snail) mailbox today. It came on an index card-sized piece of blue paper, and promised luxury vehicles, a cruise, and/or outrageous gobs of cash, among other things. I could simply throw the damn thing away, but I'd rather pull a P-p-powerbook, or find some other way to inconvenience the idiots behind this. Any ideas? Of course, there's much [BEGIN Contents of Card] Return Address: AWARDS VERIFICATION CENTER 2400 W. PIONEER PKWY, SUITE 210 ARLINGTON, TX 76013 Stamp Area: PRESORTED FIRST CLASS U.S. POSTAGE PAID PERMIT NO. 1520 ARLINGTON, TX My Address Area: ARL-TP3 137970979 - 0052 06272006 P1IGMA5H01 ************AUTO** 3 - DIGIT 018 Nathiel Arnold [My name, misspelled] [My actual address, redacted to protect my privacy] [Bar Code] The Other Side: Dear Nathiel, You are an official prizewinner in our NEW MERCEDES, BMW, PORSCH

Can't make reset select works

I am developing a website where I need to reset my form, which is build with jQuery Uniform, but the issue is that I can't make any reset.

This is my header code:

    // Binds all buttons and events 

    /* Centers content on page according to phone width */
    centerContent('.header-links', '.header-links ul');
    centerContent('.footer-links', '.footer-links ul');

    /* Other instancing */
        resetSelect:    '.reset'



The next part is the form which looks like this:

<select class="uniform gift-layer" name="cost" id="cost">
<option value="0"><?php echo $this->

No soliciting, please?

Will physically soliciting my web development service do more harm than good? I am finally ready to make my dream of transitioning to a full-time web developer a reality. I have seven years of experience consisting of knowledge of HTML, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, CSS, Photoshop and Illustrator. I can handle both graphic design and backend coding. Skill set isn’t my concern. I’m also an accomplished communicator. I feel as though it is one of my strongest skills. I’m a people person, and a yes man, at heart. I plan to place an ad in our local newspaper, and I also plan to attend Chamber of Commerce meetings. I would really like to physically enter a potential client’s location and solicit business. I would bring with me samples of my work, business cards, and a proposal customized to their needs based on research. The heart of my question: What can I expect of this? As someone who has already witnessed unwelcomed solicitors doomed to wait endless periods of time in

Am I crazy for sticking by my boyfriend through the shitstorm that's his life?

My boyfriend is no longer the same person he was when we started dating, but the circumstances underlying the change don't seem as cut-and-dry as you might think. (Forgive me for using letters in place of names, but I find that it's much easier to refer to people by anything other than their labels. I also apologize for the length of this post. Strangely, it seems easier to pour out my troubles to anonymous people online than it does to speak to an anonymous person about this.) My boyfriend, J, and I have been dating for seven months now (will be eight months by the end of January). He's 29 and I'm 22. We're gay. He doesn't live with his parents, I do. I have my Bachelor's, he's still trying to get his. We have talked about a future together. (This is important information. At least I think it is.) Things were absolutely fantastic over the summer: we saw each other frequently, about no less than five times a week (mostly due in part to his willingness to drive

Bird in a gilded cage, with a cuttlefish of infidelity and a newspaper floor of possible visa fraud

TL; DR: I think my marriage is at an end, and I need some coping strategies. May be the victim of visa fraud. No money for an attorney or another place to live. Help? Suck it up? (This is my sock puppet account so I can directly answer question w/o bothering the mods.) Yeah, I know. Relationship-filter. And this is the "Moby Dick" of questions. Apologies in advance. Call me Ishmael. TL; DR: I think my marriage is at an end, and I need some coping strategies. May be the victim of visa fraud. No money for an attorney or another place to live. Help? Suck it up? The Story So Far: I met my husband online (through a message board) back in 2003. Even though he lived in the UK and I in California, we developed a relationship through emails and phone calls and finally met in September 2003, when I travelled to the UK and we vacationed in Paris and Spain. We had a great time, although I thought that nothing more would come of it. I was surprised

Why are Middle Eastern people so melodramatic?

I grew up in a town where about 20% of the population was middle eastern. I'm not counting the kids I went to school with, cause I suppose they were for the most part more "Americanized." However, their parents, adults, or basically direct immigrants I suppose were always very dramatic, and it was annoying. And yes, I realize that this is a generalization and that not all middle easterners act this way, but a large proportion that I have met do. Case #1: I worked in a leather store that bought out "Wilson's Leather," or at least that is what I was told. Three middle eastern men came in the store, and I asked them if I could help them with anything. They asked what happened to Wilson's Leather, and I told them that our store bought them out. All of a sudden he just started yelling at me and saying that I was lying to him. I tried reasoning with him. I'm just a grunt in this corporation, what reason do I have to lie!? He said he wouldn't buy a coat unless I told him the truth,

What is comforting to you when you're in a hospital or another medical facility for an extended time?

Short question ~ If you've ever been hospitalized for a lengthy time period due to an illness or injury what gave you comfort and joy? Long question (because when it's super late like it is now -4AM - I completely lose the ability to filter my thoughts) written with the hope of receiving more specific answers ~ On May 24 my lovely step-grandmother flew up with my parents to my college campus for a couple of my events, and had only intended to stay for the weekend. That Saturday while exiting the auditorium after my dance performance she slipped on a program someone had left on the stairs and took a hard fall and broke her hip. She had surgery the next day, and originally I was told that her doctors were optimistic she'd be released from the hospital by midweek and could then fly home and recuperate there. Unfortunately she developed an infection which resulted in her needing to stay in the hospital for seven days. Her mobility is still so severely limited that she can't get out of

Can you please tell me what is wrong with this federal budget plan?

This is Ron Paul's Plan to Restore America Budget that will cut one trillion in one year and balancing the budget in 3 years with more proposals that have been unannounced. I think it is a good plan for I support Ron Paul AND it actually cuts spending and downsizes government. Now I am no expert on budgets and things like that, but for people who are, tell me what is wrong with this plan, why this would negatively affect the economy? After WW2, we had a budget that cut 50% percent of things after 10 million soldiers came home from the war, and it boosted the economy. So why is Ron Paul's Plan bad or is it good because it actually cuts spending and downsizes the federal government? Spending cuts: eliminate five cabinet-level agencies (Education, Interior, Commerce, Energy, and Housing and Urban Development) privatize the FAA and the TSA cut the federal workforce by 10% cut funding (down from 2006 levels) for the Food and Drug Administration by 40%Centers for Disease Control by 20%Depa

Help double checking test? Just want to make sure I don't fail.?

I currently have 5 history tests to do, I'm not good with history, but these are the answers I got, and I was hoping someone could tell me if they think any are wrong. 1. One of the benefits that the Mongols brought to Russian lands was A. new farming technologies. [B]. defense against German adventurers. C. the introduction of paper currency. D. lower taxes. 2. All of the following were a result of the Crusades except [A]. establishment of a large Christian kingdom in the Middle East. B. a proclamation, by Zangi, calling for Jihad against the infidels. C. destruction of peaceful relations between Muslims and Christians. D. increased hostility in Europe between Christians and Jews. 3. Which of the following is an example of new economic divisions in the European peasantry that began to occur during the fifteenth century? A. Peasants living east of the Elbe River became freer. [B]. Peasants living west of the Elbe River became freer. C. Peasants throughout Europe became poorer. D.