Questions About Gnat

Gget the gnats ggone.

Gnats in the kitchen - Help me get rid of these little annoyances ASAP. In the kitchen my roommates and I share, a group of gnats has decided to take up residence in the vicinity of our compost bin. Previously in my life, you see a gnat or two, you clean up, and its overs. These guys, however, are not going away. We've cleaned the kitchen, cleaned up/out the compost bin multiple times, and done things like taken the bannanas off the counter, but the gnats keep coming back. Our current attempted solution: we've opened the kitchen window to the Canadian outdoors and are trying to freeze them to death. They have now moved to the top of the cupboards and have slowed down. But they aren't gone yet! Does anyone have a quick solution? I'm having a dinner party tomorrow night and would rather be spared the embarrassment of a gnatty kitchen.

Gnats in my eyes!

Why do gnats fly into my eyes? Mosquitoes are annoying, but ultimately forgiveable: they *need* to bite animals like me to make more mosquitoes. But gnats fly around my head for no apparent reason, and seem especially inclined to fly into my eyes and mouth. I mean, what gives? It hardly seems like good survival strategy on their part. Why do gnats fly around the heads of people and other animals, and why do they with such regularity fly right into their own doom as they harass my head?

Why are dead gnats appearing on my bedroom windowsill?

A while ago gnats invaded my windowsill (in NY). I sprayed Raid. They died. I cleaned the area. Now, every day or two dead gnats appear on my windowsill. From where I don't know. No trash, no damp areas I see--only a heater/AC unit--and I've never seen gnats fly out of it. The only plants are in the other room; no gnats around them. Where are they coming from and how do I get rid of them?

How to keep gnats out of my horse's ears?

Defeating evil bloodsucking insects: Is there a style of ear net that will stay on my horse overnight or should I leave his fly mask on all night? In the past I have used Swat, but do not want to do that this year. Normal fly spray is ineffective. We're on a flood plain and the insects (gnats?) are especially fierce around dawn and dusk, so I need something that can stay on/work all night. I have no problem keeping his halter on all night (it's a normal nylon breakaway) if that will be sufficient to keep an ear net on. But he'll probably rub some, so I'm not sure it's enough. His fly mask has an ear net, and we've added elastic so he can't get it off, but I was always told not to leave a fly mask on overnight. Anyway, suggestions? (Oh, and I don't want to use Swat this time around because the gunk builds up too quickly and just adds to the problem of yucky ears.)

How can I get rid of gnats in herb seedling soil, that are not ready to be outside yet?

I have 3 house plants and ne of the plants had the gnats in it. I bought pesticide to get rid of then in the house plants. Unfortunately after this, they went into the soil of the seedling that are not ready to go outside. I read that white vinegar and dish soap will kill them, but, I dont know the ratio or if theres something better to do. Any help would be great.

Gnats on the soil under my tomato plants - will they hurt the plant?

This is my first year growing tomatoes and cucumbers in pots on our porch, and the soil surrounding the plants quickly became infested with tiny gnats. They occasionally climb up the stalk of the plant but otherwise appear to leave it alone (I haven't checked the roots, though). Are they harmful to the plants? If so, what is the best (and most environmentally friendly) way to get rid of them? Yes - the soil IS miracle grow organic - why is it a problem?