Questions About Golden Nugget

Can you suggest alternatives to the golden nugget in Las Vegas?

I've been to Vegas only once just recently and stayed in the Golden Nugget. I loved it there. I need to return for business in January, but the Nugget is out of my budget. I'm looking for something comparable in quality but at a better price. The Fitzgerald was the least expensive I have found online, but after reading reviews, it seems as if the hotel reeks of smoke. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

How is the Carson Tower Deluxe Room at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas?

All the other available rooms at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas are full except for the Carson Tower Deluxe Rooms at the Nugget. Should we book? Is it clean? Family Friendly? View of the Freemont Street Experience Laser Show at night? Distance to restaurants, pool, and casino? Any thoughts and or experiences with the rooms I'm describing would be appreciated. Thanks.

Going to Vegas for a week in August, Stay at Planet Hollywood or Golden Nugget?

I am taking my fiance to Las Vegas for a week in August. She will have her golden birthday while we are there (25). Just wanting to get some opinions on which of these 2 hotels to stay at. Please give me pros and cons. Thanks so much in advance. Also, if anyone has any other recommendations for hotels that would be greatly appreciated. Looking for something nice, not cheap but not really expensive. Close to night life... Thanks again

How easy is it to get tickets for a Denver Nuggets game in Denver. Are their scalpers in/around the arena?

Me and 3 friends are planning on going to the Denver/Golden State game on March 29th. We are wondering what the best way to go about getting tickets would be. Either buying them in advance from the Denver Nuggets website, or possibly buying them from scalpers outside the arena (as we do here in Milwaukee for Bucks games). Also, what's a reasonable seat in the house, something not too expensive but also no nose bleeds. Thanks for all the help!!

What vegetables/flowers to plant (tricky spot), not sure how much light I have each day?

I have just dug up an area in the yard, and i want to plant vegetables and flowers together, I wanted to plant zucchini and golden nugget pumpkins and maybe some baby carrots and radishes, don't want to plant anything you have to tie up or stake, it's the side of the yard can be seen from the front, so pretty is good, what type of flowers would you reccommend that would suit the mood, some shade, think I have enough sun during summer anyway

Has anyone stayed at the Four Queens hotel in Las Vegas recently?

We will be going to Las Vegas in June. This will be our 4th trip to Vegas we've always stayed on the strip. Last time we went we enjoyed the Fremont area so much we'd like to stay there this time. We were thinking of the Four Queens, Plaza, Golden Nugget. Can anyone give us good suggestions or experiences they've had? We'd really appreciate it. We'll be traveling with another couple all in our 40's. We also like to dance so any suggestions for clubs in our age group would be wonderful. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to answer.

Which is the best hotel on the Las Vegas strip to be in the midst of everything?

We have never been to Vegas, but are planning a trip in August. We want to stay on the strip so that we can walk to most everything without having to rent a car. I have been checking out Circus Circus, MGM Grand, Excalibur, Golden Nugget, Tropicana, Harrah's and Monte Carlo. We would like the hotel to have some activities and restaurants built in also. Please help.....all of the hotels look so nice it is hard to choose!

Cheap eats, Vegas. Difficulty: Downtown

Downtown Las Vegas (Fremont Street) buffet dining suggestions? I will be staying in downtown Vegas tomorrow (Monday) night on a business trip. Most dining guides / questions (such as previously) are Strip-centric, as have been suggestions from family and friends. Is it worth it to bite the bullet and take a taxi to some place on the Strip, or is there a hidden gem within easy walking distance I should consider? My default is probably the buffet at the Golden Nugget (the reviews seem slightly underwhelming), but I am open to suggestions.

Vegan in Vegas Hotel

Family trip to Vegas. Mostly plan on lounging around the (downtown, not strip) hotel and environs. One member of the party is vegan, the rest happily eat everything. What's the dining outlook for the vegan? There have been a bunch of similar questions, but they all seem to assume that the vegetarian diner is also calling the shots. We'll be doing a big family thing in Vegas (Golden Nugget, downtown) in January, and my sister, a vegan, may be a bit stuck. The rest of us are planning a very low key, low effort kind of trip, probably with lots of meals in the hotel. None of the menus seem terribly vegan friendly. Any advice/experience in this department? How likely is there to be much of the way in vegan options at the buffet? Thanks

Anyone have good advice about hotel bathrooms in Las Vegas?

My mom and I always enjoy traveling to Las Vegas once a year in August. We usually stay at the Mandalay Bay, however we have been ver disapointed with the service our last couple of stays. We also have stayed at the Golden Nugget (but it's kind of far from the new part of the strip). What we are looking for are the following qualities: On the Strip (very accessible), Affordable, Clean (*important*), 2 sinks in bathroom, Quietness I am currently looking into the Mirage, Paris, etc. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!