Questions About goldeneye

I just realized I have a certain smell that reminds me of goldeneye on n64. Does anyone have any strange sense connections like this?

When I was a kid I spent a solid two years playing goldeneye almost every night in a certain friend's basement. The basement had an odd sort of musty smell to it that you could never really get used to. I just had a customer come in my work and she immediately reminded me of playing 007 on n64 and …

Should I get OO7 Goldeneye?

I pre-ordered Call of Duty: Black Ops so im definately getting it. But when I saw the Goldeneye trailer I was immediately drawn to it. Should i get it? I mean both Black Ops & Goldeneye share the same concept (first-person shooter, similiar multiplayer game modes, etc.) so if i do end up having both games, i would'nt know which one to play. Any advice?