Questions About Grade School Campus

Help me to build the ultimate IT Help Desk for a 1:1 Laptop program at a K-12 private school.

Help me to build the ultimate IT Help Desk for a 1:1 Laptop program at a K-12 private school. We're doing a 1:1 laptop program for Fall 2010. We'll be using the new MacBooks just released by Apple. Every student from 4th-12th grade will receive one. And so we're now planning the building of a "Tech Center" at our Middle School and Upper School campuses. Inside each of these "Tech Centers" will be a manned IT Help Desk where students can come for hardware & software problems. It will be manned from 8am - 5pm every day. I have quite a bit of space to work with--a room about 50 feet long by 14feet wide. We'll be purchasing all new furniture, partitions, storage cabinets, shelving, etc. What features define the best IT Help Desks you've seen? What works? What doesn't work? How have you handled intake, repair, storage, pickup logistics? If you could build the ultimate IT Help Desk, what would it look like?

What minor traumas occurred to you in grade school? (a.k.a. Helping new parents avoid traumatizing their children).

My grade school had one or two days a year where parents were invited on campus to have lunch with their children. I can't begin to tell you how it feels when you're one of the few kids whose parent(s) didn't show up. I doubt a parent/student lunch day would be allowed to happen in our modern socie…

What's your best idea for a high school social event

So-- I go to boarding school. At my school, there's a senior position entitled Vice President of Social Life. I've already made it to the finals- just two candidates left. I have to give a speech on Tuesday. I was wondering if the MeFi community had any good ideas for social events to be held for a 9th through 12th grade high school. We have pretty much all types of facilities (pool, gyms, arts centers, classrooms...), so space isn't an issue but ideas are. For example, two of my best ideas to date are drive in movies and dive in movies... since everyone lives on campus, the former would involve setting up a big projector in the middle of our quad and bringing in blankets and sofas to watch a movie at night. The latter, the dive in movie, involves a projector and a pool- dim the lights, get inner tubes, watch Jaws... But our social life also has lots of dances... good ideas for those are also helpful... basically, I want to know what you know, and any relevant

High school senior needs a real-world smackdown

I'm a 12th grade senior in a public high school and live in a town where over 95% of graduates go to college. Can I get away with not going? Spare the politeness and call out my 17-year-old naivete. Some lengthy text follows, sorry in advance. I attend two schools: a big high school (just for AP classes) and an independent study program, where I go weekly to turn in and discuss homework. Big High School is very education and music-oriented, where parents regularly push their students to overload their schedule with 4-6 AP classes yearly. The independent study program is mellow, open-ended, and an introvert haven. I'm an introvert but a skilled conversationalist, with enough close friends. This arrangement leaves me with a lot of free time to pursue my interests at home. My interests are mainly programming and photography. A few years back, I wrote most of a large cross-platform software package that occasionally appears in scientific journals. I can get production s

My high school junior insists on leaving home someday ...

Best undergraduate options for the business of music/music managment majors? My musically talented daughter -- guitar, songwriting, performing, with an encyclopedic knowledge of popular music from Elvis on -- is a junior in high school. She has excellent grades in every subject (although she gets an occasional B in the maths) and is starting the college search. She has expressed an interest in a music business major (meaning, I've insisted she have a back-up plan to "I wanna be a rock star"). I don't think she's hardcore enough for a conservatory environment, from what I've gleaned. I need to narrow the options as we plan visits. She'd like a medium sized campus within striking distance of a city. We've got Austin, Oberlin, Berklee, Goucher and Ithaca on the short list. We're from NYC, so that can't be on the list (sob). Any other ideas greatly appreciated!

My Mind Is A Hot Mess, That Means It's Time For Grad School!

Bipolar, doing better, wanting to get an MBA... I have bipolar (II) disorder and social anxiety and probably five other things (the therapist and the psychiatrist I currently see are still sorting it out.) I began experiencing symptoms at age 14, was diagnosed at 20 after seriously screwing up during undergrad, spent the better part of a decade floating around, despairing, going crazy, recovering, rinsing, and repeating, and have been stable and under medical supervision for three years. I do require medication, and still have bad days where I'm hopping up and down like crazy or trying desperately to convince myself I don't really want to sleep, but I haven't missed work for my mental illness (other than severe reactions to a new drug) in over a year: not even a "I feel like shopping, so I'll call sick" moment. I'm really really proud of myself for this. I have never had a full-blown manic episode. I have a good, steady, professional job, and have gotte

Need Memphis school advice

Located in the Memphis, TN area my spouse and I are struggling with finding the right school structure for our young son, who will be starting 1st grade in a few years. We both want him to be in an environment that teaches children HOW to learn and HOW to find the answers, not just repetition and memorization but critical thinking at a place that doesn't require a declaration of our religious beliefs. We have found one school who uses the Socratic method, but it is strongly Christian based and another school for Jewish children only. While neither of us have any issue with Christianity or Judaism, we feel religion should be practiced at home with tolerance and acceptance - and tolerance and acceptance in turn should be supported by school/community. I know, I am living in a dream world. So all-in all a religious based school would be ok, if we don't have to make some declaration about our faith to be accepted. Being from Memphis, I know that I live in the Bible-

How to help an aimless high school graduate

My Little Brother is directionless after dropping out of college. He spends every day sleeping until 2, waking to smoke up, and then watching TV. I'm worried that weeks of complacency will lead to months of inactivity and eventually years of a pattern of self-defeating behavior. But I don't know what else I can tell him. I've been a mentor in some form for half my life. When I graduated college, I was connected with an 11 year old boy in the area. He was smart and creative, but faced a lot of personal challenges because of his family situation. His father had been in and out of prison for his entire life. His mother had been (and at that time was about to seriously begin) struggling with addiction issues (as had his dad). Between the Section 8 housing, food stamps, and general lack of income, his home environment was often chaotic. My background is pretty much the exact opposite. I grew up in the suburbs, my parents were both educators, and my sister and I we

How do I get individual grants to start a non-profit private full inclusion school?

Hi, I want to start a full inclusion private pre-k through sixth grade school in San Francisco. I would like to build the campus from scratch in order to cater to children with special needs and also to make it a green building with an organic garden. Where do I start? Where can I get funding? I'm just starting by myself for now. Should I try to start a non-profit group first? Thanks for any help and advice!

Starting school next month?

I"m starting school next month and it's gonna be my junior year but I switched schools. Anyways it's going to be an international school which is similar to a private school except with people from different countries. Normally I wouldn't be scared if this was a public school since I find it a lot easier to make friends the first day since not everybody knows each other, but I heard that these kids at my new school have all basically known each other since grade school and the entire school has a total of 3 new kids this year. I'll be the only new student this in my grade and I'm extremely worried for my first day. I know chances are I'll probably make a friend the first day but I"m still nervous about sitting at lunch and finding seats in class. Not to be stereotypical but I know at my old school it was kind of 'known' what kind of kids sat where in all of the classes and lunch can pretty much be eaten anywhere on campus so first day wasn't a big deal for me. But here , theres a lim

Need advice on videos to show students regarding school violence and Columbine (anniversary is tomorrow)

Hey folks, I teach 7th grade at a small charter middle school in a northern California suburb. We share a campus with a much larger middle school, though for the most part our students have little interaction with that school. It turns out that last week a student brought a gun onto that campus and…

How do I set up lab of 40 computers on 2 campuses located 5km apart?This is for a school project?

Each lab should have 40 computers connected to a network. An additional machine will be used as a server. It is expected that both campuses will be connected to facilitate remote queries. Assignments/grades will be posted for student viewing only. Sharing of workstation files are required. Laptops with wireless LAN to connect to network. Lecturers will be able to have class over LAN with AV presentation. printing will be at the server location. UPS at both sites. Lab should have all conduits in place. A proposal is to be presented for equipping these labs to meet the requirements.

Which UC schools do you think I will get into?

I am a high school senior and just finished applying to the UC schools. I applied to all undergrad campuses (Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Diego, Irvine, Santa Barbara, Davis, Santa Cruz) except for Riverside and Merced. 1930 SAT 600 Critical Reading 660 Math 670 Writing 26 ACT unweighted GPA of 3.6 Weighted GPA of 4.0 Got A's in 2 community college courses (Macroeconomics and US History) Got a 3 on the AP Art History Exam and a 4 on AP Bio Will be taking 6 AP exams this year I babysit every weekend (4 years) I also petsit and house sit (3 years) I knit and sell my crafts at local fairs (4 years) I interned at a UC Davis Biotech lab (1 semester) I volunteered at a thrift store (1 summer) I was on the badminton team 10th grade and will be joining again this year I did high school band in freshmen and junior year (I couldn't 10th grade because I chose to take Music Theory Honors course) and I practice independently I was a member of UNICEF club for 2 years I was a member of Blue Devil'

University of Indiana- Bloomington Campus ?

I really want to get into IUB. My GPA is a 2.97, But thats because I really messed up my Freshman year of High School, I failed a world language class. My GPA for that year was a 2.2, My Sophomore year I did better and Finished with a 3.1 GPA. My junior year I finished with a 3.7 GPA but it all accumulated to a 2.97. Do you think I can get it. I got a 1950 on my SATS and a 27 on my ACTS. Do they like to see good Test scores and progression in grades? Do colleges really pay attention to freshman year? I also was a People to People Student Ambassador. I have over 100 Hours of volunteer work at a local hospital. I have been an Active participant in my towns little league baseball and Im a 2 Year varsity baseball player I also had an intership with a local minor leauge baseball team Do you think I can get in? And I am a Minority and I am out of state