Questions About Grcc

where do I start when getting auto financing??

I am going to school this summer, but have plenty of time to work afternoons, nights, and weekends..and the entire second half of the summer. I would reallly like to buy a certain car this summer, at around $12,000.00. However, I am JUST applying for a credit card and believe I may not have enough credit yet. How can I go about getting prequalified for a car loan? I do some of my own work already, but I can not claim it because it is fiberglass fabrcation and I do not have a registered business..just for some people with the same interests as me. I make over a grand each month with this. I am going to be working at UNO Chicago Grill or a local sports bar, and am currently employed at GRCC tutoring between classes. So assuming I'll be able to make the payments, what steps should I take to have a shot of getting this loan, and preferably without a cosigner(if possible)

Try-Catch statement ends While loop reading through an XML file in C#

I have a while loop going through an XML file, and for one of the nodes "url", there are sometimes invalid values within it. I put a try-catch statement around this to catch any invalid values. The problem is, whenever an invalid value is grabbed the while loop is killed and the program continues on outside of that loop. I need the while loop to continue reading through the rest of the XML file after an invalid value if found.

Here is my code:

        XmlTextReader reader = new XmlTextReader(fileName);
        int tempInt;

        while (reader.Read())
            switch (reader.Name)
                case "url":
                        if (!reader.Value.Equals("\r\n"))

Culinary Schools (people with experience)?

I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and have been living here my entire life. We have one of the best culinary programs in the country at Grand Rapids Community College, or so I've heard. I have really wanted to go to culinary school for a long time; I want to be a pastry chef. I've been thinking lately that I might want to go somewhere else other than GRCC for culinary. I hope people that answer this "question" will give me their experience at different schools, but what I'm most curious is the culinary school in Napa Valley, California. I want experience something new because now it's in my blood. I went to Germany to be an Au Pair once, and though it didn't work out I still thought it was a great experience. So tell me what you've experienced! I'm so curious.