Questions About Guizhou

Where did the Taliban get half a million pounds of ammonium nitrate to make IEDs, Russia?

NATO Seizes Tons of Bomb Material in Afghan Raid Tuesday, November 10, 2009 Associated Press KABUL — International troops and Afghan police seized 250 tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer — enough to make up to a couple hundred roadside bombs, the Taliban's most lethal weapon in what has been the deadliest year of the war, NATO announced Tuesday. Separately, video footage emerged of insurgents brandishing what appears to be limited stocks of U.S. ammunition in a remote area of eastern Afghanistan where eight Americans died in a battle last month. NATO officials hoped Sunday's raid in the southern city of Kandahar would hurt Taliban militants, whose homemade bombs have become the biggest killer of U.S. and allied troops. My best guesses are: Behbood Farayand Control, Co. Tehran, Iran AnSew International Co., Limited Guizhou, China Acron Group Velikiy Novgorod, Russia Ukraine Chemical Plant Odessa, Ukraine If you don't know anything about the world chemical supplies and the

What do you think of China telling restaraunts to take dog off the menu during the Olympics?

Restaurants and hotels in the Chinese capital have been asked to take dog meat off the menu during Olympics and Paralympics due to concerns that the canine dishes might be offensive to Westerners and animal rights activists. "Gourmets with a special predilection for dog meat will be disappointed if they come to the Chinese capital in the coming two months," a Beijing Tourism Bureau official said. The Beijing Catering Trade Association (BETA) has issued a circular forbidding all the 112-designated restaurants from providing dog meat dishes during Olympics and strongly advised other establishments to suspend serving the canine delicacy until September. "If a customer orders dog meat, the restaurant staff should patiently suggest another entree," Xiong Yumei, the Bureaus Vice-Director, was quoted as saying by official Xinhua news agency. "Conflicts should be avoided." Canine dishes are popular among the Korean community in Beijing, as also in Yunnan and Guizhou restaurants. Apart from

What is it like for a super Mafia State to crack down its mafia gangsters?

As Bo starts prison term his torture legacy endures: lawyers By Tom Hancock | AFP News, Thousands of people across China have been jailed in campaigns lawyers say are modelled on the brutal and lucrative anti-mafia drive of fallen politician Bo Xilai, who was this week sentenced to life behind bars for corruption. As head of the southwestern megacity of Chongqing, Bo masterminded a crackdown that saw thousands of arrests, several executions, televised trials and lurid tales of a mafia "godmother" who kept a stable of 16 male partners. But the campaign, known as "strike the black", also drew allegations of torture to extract confessions and illegal confiscation of suspects' assets, and when Bo's political career imploded in scandal last year, details of secret torture bases surfaced in Chinese media. Private business owners were a particular target, and critics say the drive was aimed at increasing the clout of state-backed enterprises and boosting government coffers. "Busine