Questions About Highschools

Highschool MLA citation for less?

Help me find a citation engine for my school! I work for a highschool, and part of the restructuring we're doing over the next year is cutting costs and changing out some programs. I've been tasked with finding a new citation engine. We currently use SourceAid Citation Builder, but at $20 a year per licensce, the higherups want something slightly less expensive. So I was more or less told "We want this, but we don't want to pay as much for it." (initially I was tasked to scour for free ones) Currently, I'm leaning towards iCite, but I'm still keeping an eye out. Anyone in the field (or anyone else) have any suggestions?

Haven't dated since Highschool... help!

I'm in my mid 20's, and I haven't dated since high school. How do I do this right? (uh, NSFW) I haven't dated since high school. My high school relationships were pretty decent, I had 3 that lasted almost a year, plus the usual fooling around in between. But I was a pretty good girl back then. Since then, however, I haven't been in a relationship. Haven't met a guy at a bar, haven't even kissed someone, or held a man's hand. Why? Well, I went to a private University, and since then I've traveled/lived internationally a lot, and the few expats in those places are usually much, much older than I. And also, I'm just not the kind of girl who's into anonymous one night stands, or being with a guy "just because". I value relationships, so I'll wait until a decent guy comes along. Fast forward to now. (my friends want to set me up with a guy I met last week, who I clicked really well with, but this is also a general question) How do I date like an adult? I'

Best language for highschool bioinformatics course?

I'm teaching a course on bioinformatic programming for high schoolers. Which language should I teach it in? And do you have any nifty ideas for easy projects that fall under the bioinformatics header? It's a six-week, twice-weekly internship for highschoolers with absolutely no programming experience. The catch is, it has to be a bioinformatics course. What language would be best? I think the two contenders are Perl and Python, though I'm open to other options. Possible Perl Advantages: - I know Perl, so I won't need to pick up another language and I'd be better at debugging it. - If the kids go on to AP Comp Sci or a 101 course in college, the language is often Java. Both Perl and Java use C-style syntax. - The bioinformatics online support for Perl seems better than for Python. - Long-string manipulation and speed seem much better in Perl. - Though complex Perl is scary-looking, well-writen basic perl doesn't seem that intimidating. Possib

I dropped out of highschool in 9th grade, I know I fucked up my life but, I am trying to get back on track. Can anyone offer any advice as to how I would go about catching up on all these 'lost' years of highschool? GED/College will hopefully be in m

As the title says, I dropped out of highschool. I repeated 9th grade twice because I didn't apply myself and I slept in class (when I showed up). I lied to my mom, I told her I was picked on and made fun of and got enough pity/sympathy from her to let me drop out. She never questioned it, she basic…

My highschool sweetheart is marrying my highschool-bestfriend in a few months, what's a smartass gift I can give them?

After me and my highschool sweetheart broke things off, my best friend at the time started dating her which lead to our group of friends splitting up. Four years later, we are all friends again, but we are still humorously bitter about the whole issue. They are getting married in a few months and…

Where can I find an anime like fruits basket and ouran highschool host club?

I know some people may ask this question already,but I want to try to get answers of my own. A friend told me about anime so I watch fruits basket and ouran highschool host club. Both shows are totally amazing, so romantic and funny! ;) But in both of these shows there is no second season!! So I'm looking for more and please help me out. And don't forget to leave a link please and in English only, its okay if its dubbed, but no subtitles please. Thank you!