Questions About Hill Cumorah

First Road Trip - Providence to Toronto!

I am planning a road trip from Providence, RI to Toronto and need the hivemind's help! In early September, I will be driving from Providence to Toronto, and back. I've driven across country (from the south to north) and done the backpacking in Europe thing before, but always with friends/family - so this is my first trip that I get to plan for myself (!!). I'm 25, female, into history, politics, general quirkiness, and outdoorsy stuff. My goal is to leave Providence on a Monday, drive/sight-see for two days, and end up in Toronto Wednesday morning. Stay in Toronto until Saturday afternoon, and head back to be back in Providence by Sunday night. I'm flexible on time other than Wednesday-Saturday I need to be in Toronto. So, hivemind - what should I do along the way? And what should I do in Toronto? I already would like to see Niagara Falls (which side tho, not sure), Oneida Community Mansion House, something to do with the Hill Cumorah in Palmyra, see the Adiro

Mormonism 101: Why?

Have any artifacts ever been found to prove that the battle really did exist on the hill of Cumorah? Anything? Every battle ever fought in the bible has evidence. What is your evidence? This was suppose to be the greatest civilization to ever live. No evidence whatsoever. Why do you believe this? When did you ever personally accept Jesus as your savior? I should clarify that every civilization in the Bible has been proven. Why not excavate the land to prove that the Mormon religion is correct? I do not hate Mormons, just their religion. If only Mormons can see God, then why not prove it. Surely a dog could dig anywhere where the battle took place and you could find something? A coin, sandal, bone, sword, armour, chariot wheel, something. Why not dig? That would prove that you were right.