Questions About Honorary Doctorate

With credentials like these why would Reid not do every thing possible to seat Roland Burris?

As of 2008, Burris on the Board of Directors of the Inland Real Estate Corporation as an Independent Director and is Chairman of Governance and Nominating Committee. Inland is a $2 billion Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), listed on the NYSE, which owns medium-sized shopping centers. As an Independent Director, he serves on the Audit Committee. He serves as an Adjunct Professor in the Master of Public Administration Program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Member, Board of the Better Business Bureau (2008) Member, Board of the Auditorium Theater of Chicago (2001-2006) Member, Board of The National Center for Responsible Gaming (1996-2005) Trustee, Financial Accounting Foundation (1991-1994) Chairman, National Association of Attorneys General, Civil Rights Commission (1993-1995) Trustee, Government Finance Officers Association of U.S. and Canada (1987-1991) Member, Howard University Law School Alumni Association Member, Southern Illinois University Foundation Mem

Who do you think will be better in creating jobs for America?

See the following resume: Chief Executive Officer and President of THE New Voice, Inc., a business consulting company, and Head Coach of HITM (Hermanator’s Intelligent Thinkers Movement) Former Chairman of Godfather’s Pizza, Inc. after serving as CEO and President for ten years, 1986 - 1996. In 1988 he bought the company from The Pillsbury Company Former President of the Tax Leadership Council, the public educational component of Americans for Fair Taxation Past Chairman of the Board of the National Restaurant Association (1994-1995), and former full time CEO and President of the Association (1996-1999) Member of The National Commission on Economic Growth and Tax Reform (1995), chaired by former Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, Jack Kemp Served on the Boards of Directors of AGCO, Inc., Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Hallmark Cards Inc., Whirlpool, Inc.,and Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia Graduated from Morehouse College with a B.S. in Mathematics in 1967. Earned his Master’s

Which of these Commencement Speakers (Eisenhower to Obama this year) would you invite and honor? (10 points)?

TO: Higher Ed YAHOO! answer community 10 points for best analysis and comment/reflection on these Presidents honored by Univ. of Notre Dame (South Bend, Indiana) -- press account in the OBSERVER (student newspaper) "The White House announced Friday President Barack Obama will deliver the Commencement address at Notre Dame on May 17. The University also announced in a press release Friday afternoon Obama will receive an honorary Doctor of Laws degree at the ceremony, which will be held in the Joyce Center. Obama will be the sixth U.S. president to be the principal speaker at a Notre Dame Commencement ceremony and the ninth president to receive an honorary degree. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Friday Obama will speak at three graduation services this spring - first at Arizona State on May 13, followed by Notre Dame on May 17 and the U.S. Naval Academy on May 22. Presidents typically speak at a commencement ceremony at one of the three service academies every year. D

AskReddit, how is it that some people earn advanced degrees (Masters, PhD) outside the 'traditional' 2-5+ years in graduate studies?

*(Dismissing honorary degrees and pay-offs/connections....)* How is it that some people go about receiving a doctorate or masters degree without going through the standard curriculum? Could anyone just submit a masters/doctorate thesis and if it is of sufficient merit receive a Masters or PhD in…

What are some good classic guitar solos?

Such as: Traffic Dear Mr. Fantasy Rolling Stones...Sympathy For The Devil Pink Floyd..Comfortably Numb Led Zeppelin....Heart Breaker Cream...Crossroads Jeff Beck ....Beck's Bolerao Jimi Hendrix...Wind Crys Mary Name yours I would love to know Darth one of my favorites to Mike C good picks satriani thank you and sorry for the thumb down one, I can't understand why they do that Nezley G thank you great picks and sorry for the thumb down Ozzy Fan that you and I was listening to Crazy Train today Honorary Walrus, man you picked some great ones thanks some great picks platypus and I thank you. thank you wonderful and I know you do like the Eric Clapton You know hotlegs I think that is the best version of that song I ever heard, and I think it's Jeff and Rod at their best. Smiley you put some great ones up there, some I even forgot about thank you. Silver Rose, I love Blinded By The Light great choice, thank you just what the doctor ordered a cute nurse with a song on her lips, thank you su

What is the truth of what happened on 9/11?

The leaking of the until now withheld WTC blueprints this week represents a growing trend of truth seeking individuals putting aside politics and coming forth in an attempt to set the record straight on the defining event of the 21st century. Below is a by no means extensive list with links that represents how this 9/11 truth domino effect is gathering pace in all walks of life. 100 Senior Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials Question the 9/11 Commission Report - Around 130 Professors Question the 9/11 Commission Report - Over 100 9/11 Survivors and Family Members Question the 9/11 Commission Report - Over 70 Entertainment and Media Professionals who Question the 9/11 Commission Report - Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are constructing their site now - Sch

Black American Innovator

For my daughter's Black History Month report: Help me find the name of this remarkable black american surgical/medical innovator. Some time back, I saw a great documentary about a black gentleman who worked at a major teaching hospital - Yale, Hopkins, Mayo... something like that. He came from humble beginnings (I think), and though not a doctor, became a great surgical/medical innovator and instructor. I believe this was in the 30's-50s. My memory is hazy (must be age), but it was an inspiring story. He overcame some adversity, and plenty of prejudice to become a sort of honorary professor.

McCain's Character vs Obama's?

Who do you think has better ethics? Who has the better character? Before you answer consider the following: McCain was far deeper in bed with Charles Keating than Obama was with Tony Resko. Keating gave far more to McCain's campaign than Resko gave to Obama's. In fact, Keating was one of McCains' top fundraisers. Keating paid for many McCain vacations and flights to his resort homes, which McCain never disclosed (by law he must as a congressman) until years later during the Keating 5 fiasco. Cindy McCain and her dad invested $400,000 in a Keating strip mall. But here's the big difference, Obama dropped Resko like a wet cigar when Resko's started stinking. McCain on the otherhand, stepped in and tried to prevent a Senate hearing into Keating's fowl deeds. Keatings stench was all over McCain during those hearings. How McCain stayed out of jail is amazing. OK, I know I know the Keating stuff was 20 years ago. Fair enough, but has McCain changed? Well now, McCain has a whole army of Ke

new indie/rock/alternative/oldies music?

i pretty much love the genre of rock. except: fall out boy, the jonas brothers, metro station, the plain white t's, boys like girls, and anything heavy death metal, sorry. i like loud music played softly and soft music played a little loud. so what are some indie bands that you guys like? i have: The academy is…; acceptance; adam and andrew; aerodrone; aerosmith; afi; aiden; alanis morissette; the all-american rejects; all time low; the almost; amity affliction; anberlin; angels and airwaves; antsy pants; as tall as lions; ashes divide; the ataris; atreyu; au revoir simone; the audition; autopilot off; avenged sevenfold; barenaked ladies; battles; bayside; the beach boys; the beatles; beck; billy idol; billy talent; black kids; black lab; black sabbath; bleed the dream; blessthefall; blind melon; blink-182; blondie; blue october; blue oyster cult; blur; boston; bowling for soup; boxcar racer; boys like girls; brand new; brandston; the bravery; breaking benjamin; bullet for my valentin