Questions About Hopalong

Would a black autographed football from Howard Hopalong Cassidy, the 1955 Heisman trophy winner be a good gift?

I am thinking about getting my girlfriend's dad, who I've known for three years, a black and gold football autographed by Howard Hopalong Cassidy. The 1955 Heisman trophy winner. I'm just asking on here, if you were a big Ohio State Buckeyes fan, would this be something worthy to add to your collection? Would you like the idea of it? And yes it comes with a certificate of authentication

Which do you prefer of Hopalong Cassidy's sidekicks?

I posted a question last week asking who they were and I just realized I was watching a 1948 episode with Lucky and California Carson. Now I have seen a 1953 episode with Edgar Buchanan and Hopalong is dressed all in black and had a white horse. At the end of the episode he reminded kids to go to Sunday school. (I laughed because he assumed everyone was a Christian). I definitely liked Lucky and California and the earlier shows because the scripts were more interesting.

I need to find a particular Hopalong Cassidy radio program episode...?

My dad remembers listening to an radio episode of Hopalong Cassidy on a record when he was younger, but all he can remember about it is when Hop and another man (possibly California?) were riding into a tunnel when they saw or heard a train coming and had to turn around and ride out as fast as possible. I know that's not much to go on, but hopefully someone remembers which episode it is? Or at least more detail about it?

Who are some forgotten stars?

List some long lost and forgotten stars so others may know their names. I'll start with... 1) George "Gabby" Hayes (colorful sidekick to actors John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and William Boyd in Hopalong Cassidy) 2) Natalie Wood (Miracle on 34th Street, Rebel Without a Cause & West Side Story) 3) Edward G. Robinson (Little Caesar, Kid Galahad, Key Largo & The Ten Commandments)

Teady for some trivia fun?

I'll name the major character of an old TV show. You name the male counter part or sidekick. This one is dedicated to Buzzard. A strong, couregeous friend who lost his brother last night. I would appreciate your prayers for him and his family. 1. The Lone Ranger 2. Red Ryder 3. Wild Bill Hickock 4. Yancy Derringer 5. Annie Oakley 6. Roy Rogers 7. The Cisco Kid 8. Hopalong Cassidy 9. Hawkeye & The last of the Mohicans 10. Daniel Boone Oops. That should have been Ready for some trivia fun. Sorry.