Questions About Hotel Continental

Hotels in Indy?

Indianapolitans: Headed to GenCon (held at the Indiana Convention Center) and am trying to determine which lodgings are most or least sketchy? I'm looking at the Quality Inn & Suites ($77/night), the Jameson Inn ($79), America's Best Inn ($73), the Travelodge Airport ($58), the South Travelodge ($65), Best Value Inn ($70), Knights Inn ($80), Days Inn Airport ($80), Super 8 Emerson ($55), the Budget Inn East ($59) -- I'm basically running through what's listed on Expedia that's under $90 and still listing available rooms. The important factors are basically that it be someplace we can get a restful night's sleep. (There are three of us, so it should be someplace amenable to a two doubles + cot scenario, but I don't expect you to know that.) We would like to be able to walk to the convention from the hotel, so knowing whether a particular place is or isn't on a four-mile-or-less route that we would want to walk after dark is important. Other amenities are less important,

DC hotel suitable for five people?

Recommendations on Washington DC hotels for a family of five? I will be bringing the family to DC next month, and have reservations at the Washington Suites in Georgetown. A suite usually works better for us as we are a family of 5, and most hotel rooms only accommodate 4 comfortably. We have done the two doubles and roll away bed, but not all rooms are spacious enough to make this work well. My question. Does anyone have recommendations for hotels that would accomodate 5 people (including a 16 year old, so not all of the kids are small)? Are there hotels where the rooms are spacious enough to work with a rollaway bed? Any attractive two adjoining room options?Also, the Washington Suites does not have a pool, and a pool would be a big plus, especially in DC in August. Finally, if there is somewhere that serves a hot breakfast, rather than a continental, even better. The suite is ~$200/night, so staying in that range would be great. Thanks for the help.

If in Norway, I'd go to the Ice Hotel

My airline miles are expiring: What awesome, unusual events are happening in the continental US November through January? Help! I need to book a flight to somewhere in the continental US, because my miles are expiring. I have enough miles left for one round trip ticket. I know my usual favorite places (e.g. NYC, Austin, San Diego, San Francisco). But, I want to know if there are any awesome, unusual events that are going to happen in November, December, or January. Or, are there just odd places that I just should check out. I'm a single guy, 34, and will be traveling alone. I like contemporary art, music, culture, food, backpacking, nature, retreats, technology, science, big experiences. I prefer the fringe over mainstream, and the smart, funny, and bizarre. Let me know if you have any ideas