Questions About how to remove fluorescent light cover

Help me photograph books (light, angles) and do it without destroying library books.

I have a bookshelf covered (on the front) with a flat surface). I would like to cover this flat surface with photographs of the bookshelf (minus the cover) with books in it. I'm hoping for a trompe l'oiel type effect so it looks like a bookshelf with books. Three questions: 1. How do I work out the angles/math etc. of the photographs 2. What light should I take the pictures in? 3. Is it ok (and how to) take the call numbers off of library books and replace them before returning the books? So hiding inside the bookshelf (ok, really a cd tower, so not so wide) is my computer mess: cable modem, voip modem, wireless router, usb hub, external HDs, and all the associated cable tangles. To hide this, I've cut to measure a piece of black poster foam and attached it in a removable-ish way. It looks ok. However, I think it would look better if it looked like the tower was filled with books, like the matching bookshelf right next to it. I want to temporarily remove the mess, photo