Questions About Ias

Do Electrical Engineer in the Air Force actually use their knowledge?

I am considering re-entering the service as an Air Force Officer when I finish my BSEE degree. I really enjoy design and research. I am afraid that if I join the military I will be stuck pushing paper and letting someone else have all the fun. So, my question: do Electrical Engineer in the Air Force do research and design or do they just concern them self with project management, contract management, etc.? Lastly, how many IA tours can I expect, can I volunteer for IAs?

Can I reclassify partially securities from held to maturity to available for sale?

Suppose 100% of my portfolio is htm. The instruction below means that we can not reclassify 50% of the portfolio as afs and keep 50% as htm? Held-to-maturity investments are non-derivative financial assets with fixed or determinable payments and fixed maturity that an entity has the positive intention and ability to hold to maturity other than those that the entity upon initial recognition designates either as at fair value through profit or loss or available for sale, or those that meet the definition of loans and receivables. In order to prevent (or at least to limit) management manipulation, IAS 39 stipulates that an entity cannot classify any financial assets as held to maturity if the entity has, during the current financial year or during the two preceding financial years, sold or reclassified more than an insignificant amount of held-to-maturity investments before maturity (where more than insignificant is in relation to the total amount of held-to-maturity investments) other

Is it true, commerce has been choosn as toughest subjct amng IAS, IPS & BE by d guiness book of world record?

ppl say it is hard to gain interst to study in commerce, unlike in science and arts so commerce has been choosen difficult subject by guinnes book of world records on 8 april 2010.... is it true? but if u say commerce is easy then y everyone struggle to do CA(charted accountant) in all over the globe? sometimes a bit difficulties in MBA too!

Elevator trim issue on Cessna Citation IISP - for real pilots only?

I just bought the Eaglesoft's Cessna Citation II SP v1.5 for FSX and, although i never really flew on the real machine (unfortunately), there's an issue that's really annoying me: the apparently abnormal ineffectiveness of the elevator trim. With 9 on board, 25% of fuel and some luggage (slightly under or on the MTOW), below 180 IAS i gotta make inputs on the stick, otherwise the "ALT HLD" function in the autopilot is unable to proceed with the climb/level flight. I also noticed that most of the time the elev. trim indicator is over the "T.O." setting mark or even further, which means (or should mean at least) a nose up attitude. I flew a previous version (FS9) of the same plane on a friends computer (which the pleasant experience made me decide for the buy) and there i felt the elev. trim handling in a much better way under the same circumstances (aircraft configuration, weight, etc). So, once i'm looking for a "as real as it gets" scenario, it would be real nice if some real Citation

how to become a genius application developer overnight!

Second-Day-on-the-Job Panic: How can I get my mostly-self-taught, LAMP-loving self to be more confident and capable with developing corporate/enterprise applications? So I have a shiny new job doing--theoretically--the same stuff I've been doing on my own for years. But instead of friendly words like "php" and "mysql", people are throwing around strange, foreign words (WebLogic! SQL Server! IAS! LDAP! Oracle!) and I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed and lost (and making things seem much harder to myself than I'm sure they actually are!). Any advice/books/websites/anything that will help get me up to speed so I don't feel like the little kid sitting at the grown-ups' table?

how good r your baseball manage skills?What would u do in this situation?

here is your team... PBrandon Webb(current pitcher) Other pitchers that havent pitched Tim Lincecum Johan Santana C:Joe Mauer 1B:Albert Pujols 2B:Dustin Pedroia 3BDavid Wright SS:Jimmy Rollins LF:Ryann Braun CF:Josh Hamilton RF:Grady Sizemore Bench Ryan Howard Russel Martin Jose Reyes Hanley Ramirez Opposing team: PCC Sabathia(current) Other pitchers Cliff Lee Carlos Zambrano CJorge Posada 1B:David Ortiz 2BChase Utley 3BAlex Rodriguez SS:Derek Jeter LF:Manny Ramirez CF:Ichiro RF:Vladimir Guerrero Bench Miguel Cabrera Brian McCann Dan Uggla Geovany Soto Situation... top of the ninth 2 outs 3b 2 s bases loaded and your team is batting.Pedroia is the batter with what i said on balls and strikes (3 b 2 s)on deck is braun and after ias pujols.u r loosing by 1 run. What woul d u do?What sign would u give to pedroia or if u pin hit(any batter) to do?Bunt, swing away, hold?Also pretend u made it.would u change your pitcher?Or do what also what team would win?

OmniCppComplete in Vim available only as root

I tried to install OmniCppComplete in Vim and I followed this tutorial:

I noticed that the plugin works only if I am as a root. Could anyone give me a tip how to make this plugin available for all users?

.Vimrc: (from tutorial)

set nocp      
filetype plugin on      

set tags+=~/.vim/tags/stl      
set tags+=~/.vim/tags/gl      
set tags+=~/.vim/tags/sdl      
set tags+=~/.vim/tags/qt4      

noremap <F12> :!ctags -R --c++-kinds=+p --fields=+iaS --extra=+q .<cr>      
inoremap <F12> <Esc>:!ctags -R --c++-kinds=+p --fields=+iaS --extra=+q .<cr>      

let OmniCpp_NamespaceSearch = 1      
let OmniCpp_GlobalScopeSearch = 1      
let OmniCpp_ShowAccess = 1      
let OmniCpp_MayCompleteDot = 1      
let OmniCpp_MayCompleteArrow = 1      
let OmniCpp_MayCompleteScope = 1

How to install pecl spidermonkey on CentOS 6

Running the following command:

> sudo pecl install spidermonkey

I receive the following error:

... a bunch of successful checks ...
checking whether to enable spidermonkey support... yes, shared
configure: error: jsapi.h not found. Please reinstall libjs.
ERROR: `/var/tmp/spidermonkey/configure' failed

I attempted to remedy the problem by installing js-devel, which, after wrestling with various yum repositories, I finally did manually like so:

> wget
> wget
> yum install js-1.60-1.el6.rf.x86_64.rpm
> yum install js-devel-1.60-1.el6.rf.x86_64.rpm

(Not sure why js-devel required js to be installed first ... but, it complained when I tried to install js-devel solo.)

Re-running the pecl install, I receive the same error. Is m

ctags doesn't find all gtk methods

I want to create a complete list of tags for gtk-3.0.

So I tried it with

ctags -R --c++-kinds=+p --fields=+iaS /usr/include/gtk-3.0/

It works, but the list is incomplete. e.g. gtk_file_chooser_dialog_new is missing, but I definitely can see it in /usr/include/gtk-3.0/gtk/gtkfilechooserdialog.h:

GtkWidget *gtk_file_chooser_dialog_new (const gchar *title,
              GtkWindow            *parent,
              GtkFileChooserAction  action,
              const gchar          *first_button_text,
              ...) G_GNUC_NULL_TERMINATED;

So I tried with this file only, and there is still no gtk_file_chooser_dialog_new to be found:

ctags --c++-kinds=+p --fields=+iaS /usr/include/gtk-3.0/gtk/gtkfilechooserdialog.h

And this is generated:

thanks in advance, kulpae

jquery infinite ajax scroll fires items multible times

I am using the plugin jquery infinite ajax scroll (ias) for the category result of an mobile shop.

By scrolling or swiping down, the script fires the items of the next pages multible times.

You can test it here: Testpage

If you click the link, please resize your window to a width of 320px, otherwise the css won't work!!

The script:

$(document).ready(function() {
document.onscroll = function() {
        container : 'div.articlelist',
        item: '.row',
        pagination: '.pagination',
        next: '.pagination a:first',
        loader: '<img src="/layout/mobil/img/ajax-loader.gif"><br>Artikel werden geladen...',
        history: false,
        onLoadItems: function(items) {
        $(items, '.bubbles').find('span:eq(0)').css('margin-right','107px');

Why did only 2418 people in the 2011 UK census admit to being scientologists?

I understand that the Church itself claims to have 100,000 members in the UK. So... a) Is the CoS lying? b) Are people embarrassed to admit to being scientologists? c) Does the CoS tell its members to remain anonymous, like a secret society? d) Is the CoS using underhand tactics such as workplace courses and life coaching in which it makes people into scientologists without telling them? I'm surprised I had so few responses. I personally think that it is a mixture of all four possibilities but I KNOW that (d) is being used extensively worldwide including the UK. How do I know this? 1. The Church of Scientology's own promotional videos shown to the faithful at occasions like the New Year bash (on 28 Dec this year), Hubbard's Birthday (13th March) and the IAS (International Association of Scientologists) annual knees up at Saint Hill in East Grinstead, Sussex, UK in October. 2. Look into the professions of scientologists - an awful lot are into training and lifecoaching. Stay away