Questions About Ice Fountain

You're as cold as ice! And hot as fire!

We're having a Fire and Ice party - how can we, 'scuse the pun, heat it up? Hey MeFites. I have somehow found myself leading the team of people at my work charged with organising the End of Year party. We've decided to go for the pleasantly broad theme of 'Fire and Ice'. So far, we've thought of the following elements: * Red and white wall decorations * Hot and cold cocktails/drinks * Fire and Ice themed music (as people enter, not all night) * Ice sculptures/vodka fountain * Hot and Cold themed food (i.e. spicy stuff sizzling away in woks, and other food on blocks of ice) After that, we're a bit stuck. So, do MeFites have any cool ideas for entertainments, costumes, music choices, drinks, food or anything else that fits in the 'Fire and Ice' theme? Bonus points for entertainment ideas, as that's the one area we're seriously berefet of ideas. Thanks!

Stop my sump pump pipe from creating a fountain of ice next to my house

How can I repair my sump pump drainage pipes so that they'll withstand sub-freezing temperatures? I live in an area that apparently has a high water table, and I think I have an underground spring close to my home too. Which means the sump pump in my basement has been running 24/7 for the last few weeks as we've gotten snow and thaws. Yesterday, I discovered that the PVC pipe had burst right after it exits from the house and before it goes underground. I'm getting a spectacular build-up of ice there from the water gushing out of the basement. What can I do? I'd repaired part of this pipe system in the spring, but I don't think the bonding glue will work in sub-freezing temperatures. I also don't want to shut the pump off for any length of time. But I hate having all this ice build up right next to the house, and I'm worried that having the water build-up there will cause some to leak back into the basement. Clearly, when spring comes, I have to dig a


Dish it out: Where's the best ice cream in Minneapolis-St. Paul? A friend is moving to the Twin Cities (Southwest suburbs to be specific) and is looking for ice cream places in & around her new stomping grounds. I'd love to hear about your favorite gourmet, local, full-on drugstore counters with soda fountains, wherever you love to go on a warm summer night. My friend's favorite places are ice cream "shacks" - little roadside open-only-in-summer type places. (The Zesto in Brookings, SD and B & G Milky Way local chain in SoDak, for example.) Thanks for helping me help my friend, but I can't deny that I'm excited to try a few places out next time I'm in the Cities!

Absinthe fountain or soap dispenser?

I think I got ripped off. Please tell me if this antique "Absinthe Fountain" is legit. I will post a picture as soon as I can, but I haven't picked it up yet. My boyfriend is into the whole absinthe thing, and I wanted to get him a display peice for his birthday. I was out with my parents looking at antiques and the proprietor was showing us this pretty etched glass "absinthe fountain" and I went ahead and wrote him a check and asked him to hold it until aforesaid birthday. I know diddly about absinthe, but now I am thinking about the contruction of this fountain, and it doesn't seem to make sense. It is a v-shaped glass decanter in a metal support with a push-up valve at the bottom. The valve reminds me of a soap dispenser. Looking online, I can see that most fountains have a spigot on the side, with a wide mouth on top for ice. This one narrows at the top, which leads me to additional doubt. Modern, small ice cubes were not around in the absinthe heyda

Why is the soda fountain foamy?

Two soda fountains. Two paper cups full of ice. The first fountain consistently dispenses soda into its cup with very little foam. You could fill it all the way up to the top without having to stop once to let the foam subside. The second consistently produces a very foamy drink, so that you have to stop, let the foam subside, fill again, stop, start, etc. until your cup is full. What's the difference? Why the foamy soda? Notes: Same soda: diet coke. No noticeable taste difference in the dispensed drinks. Not the same ice: each fountain produces it own ice. Not the exact same cups, but the same type: waxed paper. Also, I have read the poured soda foams less if you wet the ice first. I have tried this on fountain #2 and it is not the case.

What would you pay for this movie collection?

How much would you pay for a film collection containing the following DVDs: 3:10 to Yuma 8 Mile 12 Monkies 36th Chamber of Shaolin, The 40 Year Old Virgin 300 10,000 B. C. Adventures in Babysitting Afterlife Ali Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton - 2010) Alien 3 American Beauty (In American Gangster Case) American Gangster Anchorman Animatrix Armageddon Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Austin Powers: Goldmember Back to the Future Back to the Future: Part 2 Back to the Future: Part 3 Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy Baron Babtiste: Power Vinyasa Yoga Basic Instinct Batman Begins Beautiful Mind, A Beetlejuice Being John Malkovich Benny & Joon Big Bio-Dome Black Dahlia, The Black Snake Moan Blade Runner Bloodsport Blue Crush Boondock Saints, The Bram Stoker's Dracula Braveheart Breakfast Club, The Broken Arrow Bruce Lee Collection (5 Films) Bruno Buffy the Vampire Slayer 'Burbs, The / Money Pit, The Choke Ciderhouse Rules, The Cloverfield Coo

Can I make old fashioned ice cream sodas with a fountain pop machine?

Wikipedia: This ice cream soda starts with approximately 1 oz of chocolate syrup, then several scoops of vanilla ice cream in a tall glass. Unflavored carbonated water is added until the glass is filled and the resulting foam rises above the top of the glass. The final touch is a topping of whipped cream and usually, a maraschino cherry. This variation of ice cream soda was available at local soda fountains and nationally, at Dairy Queen stores for many years. I wanna make that. Can i do that with a fountain pop machine and just get carbonated water out of it?

What movie should i see out of these choices?

* 007 Die Another Day 1 * 10 Things I Hate About You 4 * 40 Year Old Virgin A * A Cinderella Story * A Scanner Darkly * A Walk To Remember * Accepted (Movie) * Addictos * Advertisements * Agent Cody Banks * Airplane * Ali G Indahouse * Alieness * America: Freedom to Fascism * American Pie * American Pie 4: Band Camp * American Pie 5: The Naked Mile * American Pie the wedding * An Inconvenient Truth * Anastasia * Anchorman: The Legend of Ron... * Animation Crew * Anne of Green Gables * Anne of Green Gables:The Sequel * Apocalypto * Appleseed * Army Of Darkness * ATL * Austin Powers 3 * Australia B * B-Girl Anne * Bad Santa * Baek - Extreme * Balto * Batman Begins * Battle Royale * Bboy Unit * BCONE * Beautiful Thing * Beavis And Butthead Do America * Beer League * Beerfest * Behind Enemy Lines 2 * Bend it Lik