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I had a business that I think could be possibly be very lucrative, I'm curious to whether it's actually possible or if anyone does it. On the radio, they said there is more than 600 hours of paper work involved in getting your identity back after an identity theft. My hypothetical company would do most of the footwork and paperwork for you for a fee. We would also advise people on how to avoid identity theft. Is there anyone that does this already? Is it even possible to do?

possible identity theft help

Identity theft filter: A friend who has only been in the country for a year got a phone call yesterday saying he won a big prize, but they need info to process it. They had his name, phone#... he gave up his address, DOB and last 4 digits of SS#. What can he do to prevent identity theft at this point? I suggested calling his bank and telling them to put a watch on the account. He doesn't have any credit cards, and I'm wracking my brain to think of any other bad things people could do with this information. (Last 4 digits of social security number seem like a ID verification type thing to me) He's really worried, given the recent Mastercard identity theft story. Also, he's not listed in the phone book, but they knew his name and number. Not sure if that changes things one way or the other.

Name change during possible identity theft?

I sent my (original) passport, divorce papers and a form with all my identifying information to the social security office. Too bad FedEx delivered it to some random house. What do I do now? I'm in the middle of a big PIA name change due to a divorce. Social Security required original documents, so I sent my divorce papers, my passport and a form with all the usual Social Security stuff on it to the social security office. FedEx misdelivered it to a residential address. (Yes, I had the right address.) I still have a social security card from before I was married with the old name, but everything else is in the new name. 1) Besides checking my credit report, what do I do about the high possibility of identity theft? (My passport was left on a doorstep in San Francisco's Mission District.) 2) Is my name changed just because the court says it is, or do I have to wait until I have a new card? Do I just start changing cards and things over? What name do I f

Forestalling identity theft

Lost mail and potential identity theft: what to do? Someone in our household picked up mail from the post office, but lost a few pieces on the walk home (this was discovered immediately and I called the post office right away). They may have blown away, or someone may have put them in a mailbox, but the post office didn't find them in their lobby or at their front sidewalk, nor has retracing the path to the post office turned up anything. I'm hoping they turn up in a day or so (PLEASE let someone honest put them in a mailbox!), but apart from tracking what we think was lost, is there anything else we can do to protect ourselves? And is there anything else besides identity theft that we should be concerned about?