Questions About imdb

How does IMDB rate their top 250 films?

This has been bugging me for a while: On IMDB, why are some highly-rated films not listed in the top 250? [more inside] For example, The Station Agent, rated 8.1 out of 10 (in 3833 votes), is ranked #231 on the list. But The Fog of War, rated 8.4 out of 10 (in 2047 votes), doesn't make the list. What gives? As an aside: what's the highest-rated non-top-250 movie you can find? The Fog of War is high, yes, but higher still is Pride and Prejudice, 9.2 out of 10 (in 4667 votes). That's higher than the film ostensibly #1: The Godfather. (I'm assuming Pride and Prejudice is disallowed because it's made for television, but that's a shame. It really is quite good.) Are there other highly-rated films that don't make the top 250 for some reason?

Sites similar to IMDB...

Hello all, A friend of mine recently completed his feature film as well as a short film which he had premiere at a few indie theaters. He is wondering what other sites such as IMDB allow users to submit their movie information? IMDB seems to be rather tough and not so kind on small and upcoming film makers, so I guess I'm trying to help him find 'other' film/info sites with likes of IMDB. Thanks in advance!

IMDB, except it's "I M *Another* DB"

I'm looking to create an info web site with similar features as IMDB. I'm hoping I can just adapt an existing CMS but I'm not sure where to start. I know I can go through and peruse all the biggies like Drupal, EE, etc, but I'd like to narrow my starting point, especially because of my message board requirement below. Here's what I'd want, using an IMDB movie info page as a template: no need for ratings various info fields (e.g. a la IMDB's Genre, Tagline, Plot, etc) links on the side to different info pages (e.g. combined details, full cast and crew, company credits, etc) no need for user comments but this is the most important part: a message board for each record and similar to IMDB, I'd like to show the most active or current message board threads shown FWIW, my usage will be completely related to IMDB. It's just that the structure of their web site happens to work almost perfectly for my needs. Any suggestions?

I want my film listed on IMDb.

I want my film listed on IMDb. I've tried and failed. The title gets lost in a dead letter office while I'm supposed to come up with "relevant information" without being told what information that could be. My film is, of course, a low-budget horror movie that has never been screened nationally on television or at a film festival, but it has been shown over forty times around the country and is for sale online. I know of filmmakers who have their crappy movies listed on the site before they are even finished, so there must be something I can do. This previous question didn't seem to yield a solution. Anyone have any ideas?

How is IMDB matching people to "distinguishing" roles?

How does IMDB decide how to distinguish one actor/director search result from another? Last night, after watching Million Dollar Baby, I decided to see what else Clint Eastwood has done recently. I pop over to IMDB, do a search for "clint eastwood", and this pops up. Clint Eastwood (Actor, Million Dollar Baby (2004)). What is the process that they use to determine that the best way to specify THE Clint Eastwood is by identifying him as an actor in Million Dollar Baby? It's an excellent film, obviously, but why did they choose that film over, say, Dirty Harry? Or why bill him as Actor, and not Director (for which he won an Oscar)? Hillary Swank is also linked to Million Dollar Baby, but Morgan Freeman is linked to Shawshank Redemption. Extra confusion: Mark Harmon, recently of NCIS is linked with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (he played "Magazine Reporter at Mint 400"), while Michael Weatherly (also of NCIS) is matched with Loving, where he played

Nokogiri and IMDb

I'm getting started with Nokogiri and trying to extract some data from IMDB. However, IMDB's html is a bit funny and can't seem to find the css selectors a few things such as the creator's name for example: How could I get what I'm after ?

require 'nokogiri'
require 'open-uri'

url = ""
doc = Nokogiri::HTML(open(url))  
puts doc.at_css("h1").text.strip