Questions About Industrial Project

Name that robot industrial project

What was the name of the industrial/art/music robot installation-collective from the late '80s and early '90s? This is keeeeling me, and my Google-force is weak. I recall a man (likely German, maybe Swiss) who built all these robots and mechanical devices that made noise and cut stuff and showered sparks all around. He took them and put them in big installations around the world. Trivia: He lost part of a hand to this project. What was the name of this project and what was his name? Help me, Hivemind!

Reddit, if there's one thing you think people need to know about marijuana and the medical marijuana industry what would that be?

For my economics class we are doing an industry project, so I chose the medical marijuana industry. Information we must include is as follows: *Main companies in the industry and summaries of each *History of the industry *Major power brokers in the industry *How the industry effects the average…

Is any right investor is looking for a good industrial projects to start in India?

Eg.Producing a diesel oil from a scrap plastics/tyres.We have a suppliers and buyers before and after finished goods.We need a right investor to implement this project anywhere in India.An investments can be start from the range of 2.5 Crores(approx.).This is one of our sample project.If any investor/Business tycoon interested then you can approach us to know more details and move forward for that business development for a such profitable business venture.

Help me buy a PA system for my industrial project?

So I'm looking to buy a PA system... we play Industrial music. Since I'm new to the whole PA thing, I was thinking I would get one of those spiffy package deals like the ones hear: Can anyone make any recommendations? Our music is almost entirely electronic with guitar. Were looking for something to play relatively small venues, nothing huge... I'm willing to pay aprox 1,000... I don't really wanna skimp though. One of my main concerns is that few of them seem to have subwoofers, and our music relys heavily on the low end... Help me!!! Sorry, my mistake, the site is here

Top open source projects?

I am putting together some research, and wanted to poll fellow MeFiers about what they think are the five (or two or ten) most influential or important open source projects, currently being worked on and why. Linux and Firefox are obvious, so what others would qualify -- Gaim? OpenCRX? I want to know your list, and why these would make it. I am interested also in the reasons you would pick these particular projects -- popularity? Number of participants? Potential to shake up the industry? Coolness?

Where can I buy sheets of stainless steel for general outdoor projects?

Where can I find stainless steel for outdoor garden use and how do I buy it? I've seen lots of British garden shows that feature really slick looking garden accents done in stainless steel. Sometimes it's a 6-inch wide cap for lawn edging, sometimes it's used for crazy water features like this one. I'm building some long low planter boxes to put on a deck and if I could clad them in thin stainless sheets I think it'd make an amazing contrast and look. Googling around for stainless steel turns up all sorts of industrial suppliers making round tubing and the sheets I can find come in zillions of thicknesses and grades. I've looked at large general home centers like Home Depot and Lowes, but haven't found anything there either. I want the end result to look something like the square planter here, but you know, silver. Any ideas where to find sheets of stainless steel that isn't too pricey? Any idea how easy it is to bend with proper tools?

I have too many projects I have started. I must pick one and finish it.

I start new projects as a way of avoiding finishing things I have already begun. Why do I sabotage myself so? How do I stop? If I have seven projects partially started, which one should a bite the bullet on and just get done? My paycheck-work takes me about three hours a day. I desperately want to use the rest of my time to write a book. The problem is I have started six books (as a way of not finishing any book.) I also have a seventh project that would double my income if I just spent two months kicking it out and then 2 hours a day maintaining it. I am paralyzed about which of these 7 I should just commit to. It is obvious to say work on the one most likely to be finished. But that is very cart < horse. i am most likely to finish the i work then might say, commit to the you like best? alas, those of you who have children: do you really love any of your offspring more than the others? i know my indecision is another way of not finishing. (yes, the old a href="http://w

Typical project load for web development?

Web developers - agencies and freelancers - what is your normal project load? I'm trying to get a handle on what amounts to a "typical" load for a web dev/design shop (or freelancer). This type of work leads to many client bottlenecks (approvals, content collection, etc.) and I'm curious how much overload other companies and individuals take on to compensate. I would appreciate hearing about folks' common project types & lifespans, how many they tend to handle at a time, and how big the company is. I know there is no one answer, and am just as interested in seeing the variation across the industry. However, outside shops/contractors who work with a client's in-house marketing team would be the best match for my current situation.

Copyrights on web &amp; software projects

Who owns the copyrights to a web / software project that we develop for a client? How much should we charge for exclusivity, ie serving only that ONE client in the market? I run a web and software development company. Recently, we were engaged to work on some custom software projects. Nothing out of the ordinary - but the projects are very industry-specific solutions. An issue with copyrights and project exclusivity came up - which I would like to seek your thoughts on. If we are developing the entire software for the client - who holds the final copyright to it? Can they resell it themselves, or are we breaching ethics if we package it to sell as another name / product? The same issue also arose with a web design project - we had been working with this client for many years - but recently one of its shareholders broke off to start another company - essentially becoming an overnight competitor! Due to our good record, the new company engaged us to work on thei

Ruby on Rails: RuntimeError in Projects Controller

I'm having a problem when trying to save a new entry into my database. On submit, a project should get saved to a project table, and a technology/technologies within that project should get saved to a technologies table called Technols, which the relationship between them being stored in a table called Projecttechnols.

Heres my New action:

def new
    @project =
    @technol =[:tech])

@all_technols = Technol.all
tech_ids = params[:technols][:id].reject(&:blank?) unless params[:technols].nil?

@project_technol =

#@project_technol =

    respond_to do |format|
      format.html # new.html.erb
      format.json { render json: @project }

Create action:

    def create
    @all_technols = Technol.all
    @project =[:project])

@technol =[:tech])


How can I learn more about project management beyond to-do lists?

I'm a web app programmer lacking good project/time management skills, and I'm not really in the best environment to pick them up. I'm OK at the lower-level tasks like daily to-do lists, but how can I learn to handle higher-level tasks like estimating time, prioritizing, and planning project life cycles? I'm a web app programmer with a computer science education. My jobs have mainly been in education and non-profits; it's very fulfilling but they haven't been the best environment for picking up good industry practices. My current job (small development team, mostly working alone on projects and doing all my own bugfixing/testing) requires a fair amount of independent project management, and I just don't feel that I have the training. I can maintain a daily to-do list and activity log just fine, but I am falling down on things like: Figuring out how much time a project should take Handling existing projects with deadlines AND incoming requests (ranging from "T

Souvenirs for project well done?

Team appreciation / project mementos: just got done with a 6 month long project involving a team of about 30 people. I have somewhere in the range of 10k to 15k to spend on an outing and (suggested by mgmt) some kind of memento. What should I get? I've got the outing planned (day at local pub / mini golf / movie theater / pool hall / restaurant) and I've read this and this. It was suggested by my manager that I procure something for every member of the team, some kind of trinket or memento to remember the project by but I don't want something completely lame. Industry: software.