Questions About Institute Of Machine Tool Technology

Advice for an aspiring CNC programmer/machinist

I will begin a course in CNC programming/operating in 2 months time. I want to be as prepared as possible going into it, make the most of the education while I'm learning and have realistic expectations about employment upon completion. What should I know before I start, focus on during school, and what do you know about jobs available for someone with these skills? I'm 27 years old, live in Toronto, Canada, and currently work in fine art production as a mounter/laminator, a similar industry to sign making. I make finished art work for clients, slowly, piece by piece, by hand, and now I want to learn more about automation. I'll be attending the Institute of Machine Tool Technology, a small technical college, for a 42 week program, rather than a full 4 year college course because I already have a liberal arts undergrad. I'm ready to go back to school to learn a proper trade, and I want to excel at it. CNC appeals to me because it's a univers

I need help apush practice exam answers?? How do i know Im right?

52. One of the methods by which post-Civil War business leaders increased their profits was a. increased competition. b. support for the idea of a centrally planned economy. c. funding research on new technologies. d. elimination of the tactic of vertical integration. e. elimination of as much competition as possible. 55. The steel industry owed much to the inventive genius of a. Jay Gould. b. Henry Bessemer. c. John P. Altgeld. d. Thomas Edison. e. Henry Clay Frick. 56. J.P. Morgan monitored his competition by placing officers of his bank on the boards of companies that he wanted to control. This method was known as a(n) a. interlocking dictorate. b. trust. c. vertical integration. d. pool. e. holding company. 57. America’s first billion-dollar corporation was a. General Electric (GE). b. Standard Oil. c. American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T). d. The Union Pacific Railroad. e. United States Steel. 58. The first major product of the oil industry was a. kerosene. b. gasoline. c. l