Questions About International Peace And Conflict Studies

How can I browse and compare interdisciplinary master's degree programs that combine several fields?

I'm looking for a master's program that combines: public administration, international relations, social/public policy, human rights, sociology, law and legal theory, media, peace, and conflict studies, and economics. I haven't found any resource that will let me search master's programs to find the one(s) that combine the most of these fields - every search engine I've found will only allow me to browse master's programs in one specific field.

Holy Cross or American University?

I am having a difficult time deciding which college to attend. I want to study political science/international relations while simultaneously receiving a solid, well-rounded education. HC gave me a far better financial aid package, and I like its small size and Jesuit philosophy. It's also highly ranked. Although it doesn't offer a major in international studies, it boasts both political science and peace & conflict studies. I like AU's location as well as its internship opportunities. It also has a great program in international studies through its School of International Service. Any suggestions or thoughts? Thanks!

Help me fill my RSS reader

I've found myself with a little more time on my hands. I'd like to add a few useful, relevant blogs and podcasts to the ranks of my RSS reader. Any suggestions for me? I very much prefer quality to quantity. I'd much rather read 5 low-volume, high-quality blogs than sift through a single feed with 50 posts/day to find the ones of interest. Interests include: Some of my favorites are intelligent blogs without a true theme. Jason Kottke, I'm looking at you.I'll be going into the Peace Corps in the next year. There are over 4000 blogs about it. Do you have any favorites?I dig web design stuff, especially in the standards arena. Favorites: A List Apart, Freelance Switch, and Vitamin.I also love product and packaging design blogs. Favorites: Yanko Design, The Dieline.After the Peace Corps, I'll be going into graduate school in either justice and peace studies or some derivative of it (international development, conflict resolution, etc.) I read no related blogs. Suggestions?

What do those of you who believe that the media are injustice, think of this?

I think reading this in 5-10 minutes would be better than listening to the news for a lifteime.Plz don't think I'm a very old person.Just 18.A university student studying English who just cannot sit back and hope.This article has two parts: 1.Cultural and general info and music 2.political info.If you wanna get enlightened and shocked read it from top to bottom. Hi.I'm Iranian and I live in Iran.When I chat with people from other countries, I understand that they have totally wrong ideas about Iran.I just wrote this article to correct you. The first thing they accuse our government of, is that they don't let you be free.Actually, Iranians would be some of the most liberal people in the world (liberal meaning not obeying laws that they don't like).Thousands of millions of strict rules in other countries, don't even exist in Iran.Also, you should understand that what may seem so normal to you, may be a nightmare for us and vise versa.That's why you don't understand a few of Iran's laws.I

Does this prove that the media try to make good scary stories just to sell them?

I believe that if you spend 10 minutes reading this essay, you will be better informed than if you listen to a lifetime's worth of Major Media news. This article has two parts: 1. Cultural and general info 2. Political info. Note: I've explained everything.Any answers before reading the whole thing will prove to be wrong.Specially the political part.I've provided evidance for whatever I say.It's just the way it is. **** Part 1: Cultural and general info Hi. I'm a 19 year old Iranian who has spent his life in Iran.I study English.When I chat with people from other countries, I am shocked to see how totally wrong their ideas are about Iran. I wrote this article in an attempt to help correct those ideas. The first thing America, and the West in general, accuses our government of is that we don't allow personal freedoms. Actually, Iranians disobey laws they don't like as much as anyone.There are only a few restrictions.It's cool over here. People here do whatever they wish to! Many stri