Questions About Island Surf

Please help us find perfect accomodation on Long Beach Island!

Where on Long Beach Island should a dozen 30-35 year old guys stay for a stag party that is about drinks, surfing and Saturday night in Atlantic City...we're not looking for a frat/college/hookers type of stag scene, and there's... Our plan: Drive from NYC to Long Beach Island on Friday evening, have dinner and drinks on Friday night, then get up early to surf on Saturday morning. Saturday night we stay up late in Atlantic City, then sleep on LBI, followed by more surfing on Sunday. We want to be within an hour of AC, and within minutes of a good surfing beach. We're all professionals, can afford to spend a few bucks on a decent place, and while we will be partying, dead hookers and vomiting on the streets isn't our scene. We'd be open to a hotel, motel or rental condo/house where we could all sleep...does that kind of condo or house rent out there? If so, where? Any advice or warnings? Oh yeah, and any advice on an easy (and fun?) way to get fro

I guess we are technically on an island.

Give me your recommendations for tiki bars in NYC. A friend and I want to try all of NYC's tiki bars/lounges in 2013, notable or otherwise. We're aware of and have visited a couple of the well-known ones, but I know there are ones we're missing that have a low Internet profile. Internet searches have been helpful to a point, but also raise the specter of bars that had a short lifespan and are now closed. Rather than continue to read listicles from 2010 and get my hopes up about a bar only to find it's been closed for a year and a half, I'd love your recommendations. What we're looking for: - A strong atmosphere is a must. We're open to lots of different moods here (like Otto's Shrunken Head midcentury-tiki-meets-punk vibe) but we're not looking for bars that serve drinks with umbrellas and are otherwise straight down the middle. - Upscale is fine, divey is great. Loud and quiet, scene-y and laid back are all fine. We just want to go and have some drinks

Recommendations for Surf Camps/Schools in Costa Rica/Nicaragua?

We're looking for a 5-7 day surf school to give my sister as a graduation (from grad school) gift. She's fluent in Spanish, and doesn't need anything super luxury, just good instruction, good break, good vibes. Any ideas? I know Tamarindo in CR and Sayulita in MX are two of the most common destinations, but I'd love any recommendations for specific businesses. She's already done a 3-day camp in Long Island, and I'm hoping this will be the stretch that gets her over the beginner hump, so I'm looking for a place that actually has good teachers and equipment good enough to not cause frustration. She's not into nightlife, and not into being pampered, but loves a chill beach scene. I've heard there are even some all-girls camps?

How crowded is Oak Island NC during week of 4th July?

We are planning a trip for week of July 4th , 2008. I went to North Myrtle Beach several years ago during the week of 4th and swore I would stay home if week of 4th was the only week I could go to beach. Things have changed and my hubby has job that closes only for that week during summer. Should we stay home or are the North Carolina beaches not as crazy crowded as South Carolina beaches? So, if we are just wanting to sit on the porch and watch the water, we would be ok at Oak Island, right? I also was looking at Topsail at Surf City. Which do you think is better for family who wants to rest , eat, and rest some more? (I like cooking during vacation.)

Thinking of moving somewhere warmer on the east coast which is best for surfing?

I want warmth waves and the east coast. I couldn't move to cali or hawaii because I'd be so far from my Dad and family. I thought Florida perhaps but I hear the waves are useless. I live in Maine and I want to get out of here the waves are decent but I don't want to stay here it's not my place. And I would prefer not to live somewhere like new york or rhode island. If you live off the east coast or don't but have been and surf please let me know where i should move to. Thank you in advance! :)

Should I chose Big Island or Oahu?

I am moving to either Hilo, Hawaii or Honolulu, Oahu, and I really cant decide between the two since I've never been to either one. I want to learn to surf, go to local coffee shops, and be in a green area. A city would be nice, but I still want local things and maybe not too loud or busy. I'm worried that Honolulu is too bid of a city not enough local, but that I will get bored or island fever in Hilo. Any suggestions would really help. I would love to know what the cities are like.

What fish can you can you catch inshore in the British Virgin Islands?

i am looking to know what fish i can catch (way inshore like right next to islands) and what should i use to catch them. I have some Mirrolure mirodines and LOTS of soft plastics (i can buy more lures) , but i dont know what i should use and what areas to use them (deep water, surf fishing, on a reef, ect.) i am going to the BVI's in june. Any help would be awesome, thanks.

So to burn time at work, a surf Google maps and look for places to hide bodies where no one would ever find it. Reddit, what weird stuff do you do at work to burn time?

I am an insurance agent and spend a bit of time on Google maps for work reasons. Sometimes I get bored and find small islands off the coast of Florida (where I live) where no one would ever go and could unload bodies if I needed to do such a thing. What odd things do you do at work to burn time?