Questions About Jane Fairfax

Full disclosure on all characters, please.

Why does Jane Austen make her readers fill-in-the-blanks? I’ve decided to re-visit my favourite Jane Austen titles, beginning with Pride and Prejudice. I’m now in the middle of Emma and have noticed in this second-time around that whenever Ms. Austen refers to a character in the military, she seems to leave certain details to the reader’s imagination. For example, in P&P, when she describes the army group stationed in town, she writes, “The officers of the ---------shire were in general a very creditable, gentlemanlike set…” Further into the story, in reference to Wickham’s new marching orders, “His regiment is there; for I suppose you have heard of his leaving the --------shire.” And in Emma, when she first mentions Jane Fairfax’s circumstances as an orphan, she writes: “The marriage of Lieut. Fairfax, of the --------regiment of infantry….” Ms. Austen has no qualms about letting the reader know the details and whereabouts of her non-military c

Help....Jane Eyre (Just answering a few would be helpful)?

What effect did Mr. Rochester have Why does she want to suppress her feelings? How does Jane react to Mr. Mason? Why is she so curious about Grace Poole? What does she observe about Blanche? How does Rochester try to keep Jane involved in the festivities? What does Rochester observe about her feelings? How do we know Jane is cleverer than the other guests? What reaction does Rochester have when he learns that Richard Mason has arrived? What is the added mystery in this chapter? How is Rochester’s behavior contradictory? What has happened to John Reed? What important information does Mrs. Reed tell Jane? Who is with Mrs. Reed when she dies? How is the attacker described by Richard Mason? What becomes of Georgiana and Eliza Reed? How does Jane feel when she is approaching Thornfield Hall? What does she blurt out to Rochester? How does Jane describe him? 50.Where and at what time of the year and day does Rochester’s proposal take place? 51.What prompts him to propose? 52.How does Jane re

If 9/11 was done by Cruise Missles and Not Planes Are all the passengers and crew in hiding ???

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