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Questions About japanese tree lilac

What is the meaning of japanese tree lilac?

japanese tree lilac: small tree of Japan having narrow pointed leaves and creamy-white flowers

What's the definition of japanese tree lilac?

japanese tree lilac: small tree of Japan having narrow pointed leaves and creamy-white flowers

What are symptoms of JAPANESE TREE LILAC ?

Japanese tree lilac; Syringa amurensis japonica; Syringa reticulata

Which tree (from given choices) would be best to plant in my area?

Tree options: Japanese Tree Lilac Serviceberry Crabapple Area to be planted in: Between sidewalk and street (aprox 8-9ft of room) Under power lines (at around 20ft high) Northern IL climate Direct sunlight Problems: Japanese Beetles ants (fire, carpenter) I would like a tree that looks good in bloom and has great fall colors. That can withstand harshly cold winters and very hot summers. My biggest worry is that I don't want insects to kill this tree. Which is the best one to plant (and second best) in your opinion?

What trees to plant near power lines?

Power lines are around about 15-20' up. I don't want evergreens. I don't want fruiting trees (rodents are a problem). I was thinking Japanese Magnolia or Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac. Does anyone have experience with these, or have other recommendations?

How to care for a japanese lilac tree?

1. Find a location where your Japanese lilac tree will receive full sun in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 3 through 7. An important part of caring for your lilac tree is assuring it has the growing conditions it needs. Japanese lilac

How big does a japanese lilac tree grow?

Considered a large shrub or a small tree, the Japanese lilac tree (Syringa reticulata) is similar to a lilac bush, aside from the fact that it has a wider trunk and typically grows to a height of 20 and 30 feet, with a canopy stretching as ...

How to prune a japanese lilac tree?

1. Prune the flowers from your Japanese lilac tree as soon as they are spent. According to the About Lilacs website, this will help prevent the tree from creating seeds, and instead focus its energy on buds for next year's bloom. Prune your...

What is the growth rate of a japanese lilac tree?

The growth rate of a Japanese lilac tree, Syringa reticulata, is considered to be moderate by university extension services. It thrives well in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 6, with some success in zone 7. C...

What is wrong with my Japanese Lilac tree?

I live in Western Wisconsin and have a Japanese Lilac tree. I have had it for about 8 years now and within the last week or so some of the leaves are turning dark brown starting at the tip and drying up, and some of the leaves are curling. It is too early for the normal fall turn and I have never seen it look like this. It looks diseased to me and I am very concerned. Anyone know what it might be and what I can do about it?

How to plant a japanese lilac tree?

1. Determine if you are in the right planting zone for the tree. It is more heat tolerant than the common lilac, but it will not grow in the deep South. Generally it will grow well in climate zones 3 through 6 and sometimes 7. Unlike tropic...

How to rid japanese lilac tree of insect pest problem?

1. Inspect your tree for lilac borers. These are moths with clear wings and chestnut-red abdomens. They tunnel into stems and cause the wood to rot and fungal diseases to develop. Look for swollen areas on stems and holes bored in through t...

How to Propagate a Japanese Lilac Tree

Japanese lilacs are a favorite in backyard gardens all over. As such, many individuals seek to clone or propagate their favorite specimens for gifts or just to have more in the yard. Japanese lilacs are propagated from a semi-ripe cutting, ...

Is a Truncatum maple "Pacific Sunset" tree a good tree to plant on my boulevard strip?

The city is going to plant a tree between the curb and my sidewalk at my request. They have given me a list of trees to choose from: Turkish Filbert, Redmond, Spring Snow Crabapple, Japanese Lilac, Pacific Sunset, and Tatarian Maple. After doing a little research I like the Pacific Sunset. I prefer something with little maintenance as it is on rental property and I cant always be there to care for it and pick up after it.

Choices for trees to plant in bed directly in front of house?

Please look over this list and tell me if their are any trees (for a temperate climate) that i left out for choices for planting in a bed directly in front of a house. anything you can add to it?? Thanks! 1. Japanese Snowbell 2. Japanese Lilac 3. Flowering Dogwood 4. Kousa Dogwood 5. Amur Maple 6. Paperbark Maple 7. Purple Leaf Plum 8. Jap. Stewartia 9. Whitespire Birch 10. River Birch 11. Whitespire Birch 12. Saucer Magnolia 13. Star Magnolia 14. Little Gem Magnolia 15. Sweet Bay Magolia 16. Nellie R Steven Holly 17. Fosters Holly 18. Eastern Red…