Questions About John Keenedy Toole

Novel recommendations

Looking for specific book recommendations that are superb and by female authors/female authors of color. Putting together a reading list for a book club, and of course there are plenty of dudes in the mix already. Looking for more diversity, but in particular female authors. The list so far includes books from Tom Robbins, Haruki Murakami, Italo Calvino, Jean Toomer, John Keenedy Toole, Maxine Hong Kinston, John Crowley, and Bao Ninh. Lots of countries, ethnicities, time periods, and writing styles are represented, but few women. OK, one woman. If you could indicate how generally accessible your recommendation is, that would be great... I don't want to overwhelm the book club with too many dense, stylistically daring works, but at the same time, that kind of thing needs to be represented. If there's a story about the story, that would be good as well. For example, the story of how A Confederacy of Dunces came to be published is interesting and adds