Questions About Justin Farmer

Are European sheep farmers like American Cowboys?

In Ireland and England are sheep farmers like Cowboys in Texas, California, Tennessee and elsewhere the fact that they are both herders? I mean, yes. We all know that Cowboys Lasso Cattle that wear Stetson Cowboy hats and Justin Cowboy hats and Cowboy boots and chaps and ride on horses that say, "Giddy-up horse!" They also wear sometimes Vaquero and Cowboy clothes that live on Dude Ranches in the Western US that ride the Open Range lasso Longhorns in Texas. Sheep farmers in Ireland, Scotland and England wear wool, tweed, pants and they wear tweed newsboy caps that are round flat caps when they flock their sheep and they are elders. They also much like Cowboys ride on horses and Lasso up cattle, instead, British sheep farmers blow a "Whistle" to their sheep and the sheep follow them, or they have dogs herd them like Border Collies and Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Instead of riding horses and lassoing up cattle and catching them with a rope, they use canes sometimes while standing. Also, not t

Is Atlanta's WSBTV Channel 2 Action News a credible, trustworthy news station?

I live in the Atlanta metro area in Cherokee county and I hear advertisements every morning on the radio for WSBTV Channel 2 Action News on my way to work. I've never recalled a news station, either local, state, or national for that matter, advertise as much as they have, and what they do advertise for seems extremely tabloid and sensational in nature. They're always talking about "investigating" corrupt city officials and organizations and "discovering" where your tax dollars are wasted. Every day it's a different "investigation" that miraculously yields some revelation about Atlanta public workers and officials. They always end with "Join Justin Farmer and Jovita Moore as they uncover the truth on WSBTV's Channel 2 Action News. Coverage you can count on." Ordinarily, I might be interested in these stories if they were few and far between making it seem like they really uncovered something and were being upfront and honest about it, but when it's daily routine and they're constantly

Entertainment Suggestions?

I'd really like to watch/read some good drama/romance fan fictions, animes, mangas, and overall shows or movies. Preferably ones I can view online, such as on Veoh, Netflix, Megavideo, or Series' I like: Peach Girl, Death Note, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Sands of Destruction, Rune Factory, Harvest Moon, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Kingdom Hearts, Pandora Hearts, Heart no Kuni no Alice, Alice In Wonderland (and anything related to it), Greek Mythology, Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji, After School Nightmare, Black Cat, annddd murder mysteries such as Murder She Wrote, Jonathan Creek, and Miss Marple. For pairings, I like; L x OC, Skye x Female Farmer/Lumina, Cliff x Claire, Cheshire x Alice (for all versions of Alice in Wonderland, including spinoffs) and Alice x Mad Hatter, Anything with Hades, Train x OC, Ciel x Seb, Grell x OC, Demyx x Larxene, Larxene x Axel, and I only like Katekyo Hitman Reborn for Bel x Fran. (You should know which couples are frm which series', if you know